Ida Elise’s Handbook of Dating:

Ida Elise's Handbook of Dating:

the actor Ida Elise Brooch (35) He is currently playing the role of Nini Haslund Gleditsch in Viaplay’s new major Norwegian project ‘The Golden Transport’.

To many, she’s perhaps best known for playing the chronically single Johan in the Netflix hit “Home for Christmas,” as she tries to find a boyfriend to take home for Christmas.

However, the actor’s current dating life is less fluid than that of the series character.

house for christmas: Stian Blipp was seen in the second season of the Netflix series Home for Christmas. This is what he said about the kissing scenes. Video: Red Runner
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man in life

Although her character surfs dating apps and goes on speed dates in Season 1, Broch finds such things embarrassing.

In September, the actor said the opposite The daily newspaper She was celibate for a year and a half, which is the longest celibate brooch.

Brosh admits to Se og Hør that she only has one man in her life.

– So, I’m still with Tony (her dog (journal note)) and I’m having fun with him.

BREAKING TOGETHER: ‘Home for Christmas’ star Felix Sandmann snags ‘Musikhjälpen’ VIDEO: Musikhjälpen/SVT
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Although the actress is adept at dating in the Netflix series, she is much more skeptical of the concept in real life.

He comes out when asked if she is currently dating.

– I think this is a trifle, I don’t want to do that. Now is not the time for that, Broch replies.

Fellow actor Jon Øigarden (51), who plays Broch in both “Gulltransporten” and the new Christmas series “Julestorm,” is present during the interview. He fired in a follow-up question to Broch.

– So you’re not on Tinder? Øigarden asks

– No, you’re crazy, how small is that? pamphlet responds.

Revenge: Jon Øigarden’s character Jeppe isn’t happy when he comes home and beats up his wife for cheating in “Exit”. Video: Red Runner/NRK
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never give up

As mentioned, there are many people who remember Brooch’s role as Johan in Home to Christmas. She has stated herself on several occasions that she thinks it is wrong for Netflix to cut the Christmas series, which has captivated many international viewers.

At the latest, two weeks ago, I told The newspaper online They are still working on the third season of Home for Christmas.

In front of Se og Hør, she tells Broch that she would like to create at least one more season.

Exit: On “Kåss til kvelds” Jon Øigarden told about the time Tobias Santelmann wore some kind of pee in “Exit”
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– I never give up. I guess it’s a shame there wasn’t at least another season. A bouquet of three roses is a little more beautiful than a bouquet of two. I think the series has a lot going for it. But as a little patch on the wound, there is now a new Christmas series with the same director, John Oygarden and I.

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