Important changes to housing advertising from 2024

Important changes to housing advertising from 2024

Will the total square footage of the home be larger or smaller – and will the market price be affected?

Many may wonder whether the overall footprint of the home will be larger or smaller as a result of the changes.

The house will not be larger or smaller, as the area is the same, but there may be a difference compared to the previous area measurements as a result of the new conditions.

Will it affect the market price?

– No, there will still be factors such as the standard, location, size and temperature of the market that determine the value of the property, and it is still up to the broker to highlight the qualities of the property and its area in the best possible way in the property. Advertise so that as many people as possible can subscribe.

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Three completely new labels

In addition to the new usable area designation (described above), there are three new designations worth noting.

– The first is the TBA (balcony, balcony, terrace) which describes the size of the terraces, balconies and balconies attached to the house. Unlike glazed balconies, these areas will not be included in BRA-i, but will be classified as TBA in the housing declaration, says Dillingsby.

Another new designation is ALH (Area Low Ceiling Height).

– These are areas that are measured in the same way as the BRA, but where the ceiling height (ceiling height) is so low that the area cannot be declared as a usable area. It could, for example, be a loft apartment where parts of the ceiling height are very low. The size of these areas in the home is now better explained than before.

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The third new term is GUA (floor area), which is BRA and ALH combined. So GUA is the size of the floor area in rooms with sloping ceilings and low ceiling heights.

– In housing When appropriate, the GUA can be mentioned as additional information in the area description, says Delingsby.

You have a critical eye

Remember that zoning designations do not necessarily say anything about whether the use of rooms in a home complies with building regulations requirements for permanent residence or what they can be legally used for.

– When the seller or broker learns that changes have been made that were not approved, this must be mentioned in the sales report. We sometimes see cases where kiosks have been converted into living spaces without notice of change of use. It's possible, for example, that the original basement living space could be converted into a basement living room, without approval, Dillingsby says.

He encourages everyone to take a critical look, especially when purchasing homes whose basement or attic has been furnished after the year of construction.

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Ancient land designations may occur during a transitional period

The new zoning designations must be used in housing marketing from 1 January 2024, but transitional arrangements are planned. This means that for some time to come, you will see old and new land designations in housing advertisements.

– In cases where the sales mapping was entered before January 1 and the status report was not prepared with the new territory conditions, the territory information can still be used according to the old standard as long as the mapping is turned on. When the mission is renewed after January 1, 2024, new concepts of space must be used, Dillingsby says.

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