In memory of Asbjørn Magne Bjørnset (1938-2023)

In memory of Asbjørn Magne Bjørnset (1938-2023)

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Asbjørn Magne Bjørnset, former faculty director of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Bergen, died on July 6, 2023, at the age of 84.

the There are many in the university community who have been fortunate to have Asbjørn as a colleague and leader. We found him to be a very generous, warm and supportive leader who made room for personal development. Asbjørn was really concerned with a good working environment. Drink strong and fresh coffee in the morning, lunch was to be enjoyed together and BT test completed with the highest score possible. At least pancakes and a wine lottery were just as important as a regular feature every Friday afternoon in his office, preferably with Asbjørn working in the background. He opened his house to us each summer and invited us hospitably to what became legendary croquet tournaments at his and Curry’s house in Askøy.

Asbjørn Magne Bjørnset has been working at the University of Bergen since 1970. He was 84 years old.

Asbjørn He grew up in Sunnfjord and studied history at UiB. He was appointed to HF College in 1970 and rose through the administrative ranks from Head of Studies to Director of the College. He was Director of Faculty at HF ​​from 1993 to 2004. Although he also worked elsewhere in the undergraduate institution, it was at HF ​​the longest. Here he belongs and he has his heart in HF. As a pensioner, Asbjørn often visited HF to check and discuss current challenges and trends, much to his satisfaction, inspiration and benefit.

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during A long career at university, Asbjørn has seen the university political scene in strong change. For him, this also represented an opportunity to use his breadth of experience and expertise for the good of the university and HF. He became a leading force in the design of a new organizational structure, his clearest signature being to increase the professionalization of management and to enhance the standard of the institute.

university sector And the Faculty of Humanities is not known for being noisy areas, but Asbjørn has always met good expectations and adhered to the proposed amendment. He was realistic, calm, and demanding in discussions, but always solution-oriented. We all encouraged “Let me do this”. It gave results. HF’s organizational innovations became an example for other colleges, and remain to this day.

Asbjørn Building both the organization and the people. He made clear demands, but gave his employees plenty of room to work and trust. Asbjørn was a thoughtful and observant person throughout his time at university. As a leader, he was brave and united. He left behind an organizational journey that laid the foundation for the modern Faculty of Humanities currently in the Faculty of Humanities. Perhaps the most important work of travel we still do not find in any organizational chart, but in us as colleagues and individuals.

On behalf of friends and colleagues at the Faculty of Humanities UiB

Camilla Prataset, Kim of Humanity, Unni Otvik, Inger Marie Hatley, and Sonja Dirkorn

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