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The Astrid S manager says they contacted the French Montana team after accusations of plagiarism.


“I can confirm this hasn’t been cleared up beforehand, but we are now in contact with the French Montana team to find out what happened and to get the right deals done,” says Astrid S manager, Gilbert Lund.

On Wednesday, artist Astrid Smeplass posted a video on TikTok comparing her own song “Jump” (2016) with Montana’s new French song “How You King?” (2021).

“Listen carefully to the songs and the melody. I think someone copied me,” she wrote in the video, among other things.

Rapperen French Montana i Los Angeles i mai.

There has been quiet since Wednesday from the Astrid S team over the allegations of plagiarism, but on Friday the manager said they were in touch to find out what happened.

Astrid S’s video, which shows that the two songs have nearly identical verses, has so far garnered more than 334,000 views.

He writes that the French artist, Montana, did not comment publicly on the accusations 730. Number.

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Artist: Many reacted after French Montana released a song that had nearly identical poetry as the Norwegian artist Astrid S.
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