Inger-Lise Rybdal lifts the veil on today's economic situation:

Inger-Lise Rybdal lifts the veil on today's economic situation:

On Thursday evening, the stage was set for the premiere of Eugene O'Neill's famous play “Lang dags Ferd Mot Natt.” In the main roles we find the Oftebro family, which depicts a dysfunctional family.

-Being a single mother is difficult

Among those attending was popular artist Inger-Lise Rybdal (74). She's no stranger to the stage, having even finished “Jul i Blåfjell” just before Christmas.

Rypdal is already working on other projects she's looking forward to, but can't reveal exactly what they are. However, she points out that it is a stage show.

Clip from “Every Time We Meet”: Inger Lise Rybdal sings Tom Hill's “Over You”.
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– Live the dream

When asked if she would return to the pop world, she was clear in her speech.

– No, I don't think so. I feel like it's something I've done a lot of, so I'm not looking to have a career in pop music again. I get it,” she told Se og Hør ahead of the premiere.

-Like being stuck on the Danish boat

-Like being stuck on the Danish boat

-I no longer have any desire for the world of pop stars, and I don't need to. So I'm very happy that I'm able to work with musicals and work with music on stage – I mean theatrical presentation and so on. She keeps saying I find it more fun.

TOGETHER: Inger-Lise Rybdal and her boyfriend Keitel B at the previous premiere in November.  Photo: Tori Scarr/Sea og Hour

TOGETHER: Inger-Lise Rybdal and her boyfriend Keitel B at the previous premiere in November. Photo: Tori Scarr/Sea og Hour
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-What is the play you dream of?

-I feel like I'm living the dream now, considering the things I'm allowed to participate in. I don't have any dreams other than that and I'm very happy with the way it is.

– Absolutely awful

It's no secret that Norwegians and the rest of the world have learned that everything has become more expensive in the past year alone – which means things aren't going well for everyone.

-The worst thing I've ever encountered

-The worst thing I've ever encountered

At Christmas, Rypdal said in an interview with Here and now She also felt like she didn't have a lot of money growing up

-We didn't have a lot of money, but we weren't poor. We had nothing left, so to speak, but we did well. I hope people do that today too, and find ways out. I recently read that the proportion of poor children in Norway has decreased slightly, but it is not significant, nor should there be any.

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Everything has become more expensive and many cannot buy electricity, food, or enough to pay bills. What do you think that?

– It's so terrible, I feel for everyone. It's absolutely terrible. If you have a fireplace and such, you can probably get some wood, but it shouldn't be the case that you can't afford to heat yourself.

-We're mostly fine, most of us. That's why it gets so stupid when there are a few people who don't have it, and the differences get so big.

Comes with new health update

Comes with new health update

– I took a lot for granted

Rybdal believes we should trust that politicians make the right choices.

– This also has a lot to do with the ongoing wars. First came the coronavirus, then it made people a bit nervous, and then came the war in Ukraine. There has been a lot of adversity for some time, and it affects everything. She says: Everything in the world is one way or another.

– So if you're late in one place, you'll eventually notice it in another. It's a turbulent time we live in, it's a bit scary.

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Furthermore, the 74-year-old says it's important to get out and enjoy life and try to enjoy yourself. She believes spending time with family and friends is also powerful, especially at a time like this.

If we look at it from the other side, Rypdal believes that the economic situation has taught us something.

- She's a nice girl

– She's a nice girl

-I think we might benefit a little from that too. Because we take so many things for granted, that we have enough water, electricity and an abundance of food that we end up throwing away. The same goes for clothes, we've had a lot of consumption, and in that sense we're going to meet ourselves at the door a little bit.

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