INp candidate fears “mini-ice age”, not global warming

INp candidate fears “mini-ice age”, not global warming

Borger Hurum (75) may be elected to the Oslo City Council in the autumn. He believes the planet will be cooler than warmer in the coming years.

Citizens of Huram

Short version

“Instead of wasting huge sums on meeting the so-called 1.5 degree target, some of this money should be used for measures to meet the coming mini-ice age.”

This is what Borger Hurum, second candidate of the Industrial and Business Party (INp) and vice president of Oslo, writes in a guest post on the website. Document No.

Aftenbosten meets Huroom in the center of Oslo, a stone’s throw from City Hall, where he hopes to spend part of the next four years.

Hurram is a strong critic of the use of municipal and state money for climate action.

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Mini party creates chaos. It is not known which side they will choose in Oslo.

Mini Ice Age

What Hurrum calls a “mini-ice age,” he believes, will begin around 2030.

– Then we’ll start to get a colder climate, with temperatures dropping and bottoming out in 2070.

– What is the reason for this?

– This is because of how the larger planets orbit the Sun. They go out a short distance. When they align, it has a powerful effect on the Earth. This means that there will be less solar activity, and then it will be less warm.

These claims were not invented by Huram himself.

He leans on Harald Yendestad, professor emeritus of NTNU’s Department of ICT and Science, who has said on several occasions that another cold spell can be expected.

Huram repeats this point in his book Candidate presentation INPS website.

The claim that solar activity will lead to a cooler climate in the future is, like most things, mildly controversial. NRK Featured in 2017.

A boost to the party

INp, of which Huram is a member, has seen a strong rise in opinion polls in recent months.

The party may gain influence in Oslo as well. In many opinion polls, the party has secured a mandate in the city council. The latest Norstat survey for Aftenposten on Thursday.

If so, Hurram could become a deputy to the city council.

The party describes itself as “a centrist, county-friendly party with a fairly broad political party program for the whole of Norway”.

Recently the INP has been accused of being the party of climate deniers, which the party itself has repeatedly denied.

– Interested in the climate issue

Huram is 75 years old and originally trained as a structural engineer from Hønefoss.

He has never been involved in politics. “Fed up” by politics at the national and local levels, he sought a party he agreed with.

Later he joined I.N.B

– I am very concerned about the climate issue. I saw the party taking an open stance without jumping to conclusions that I thought were good.

So he chose to register.

– If you want to do something with society, you should become a politician.

I hope it warms up

– You spent a lot of time on this. Now if it continues to be hot, the temperature continues to rise, are you ready to turn it down?

– No, no. Absolutely not. Because if it was a little warmer, it would be better, he insists.

– Warmer climates have historically been better for the planet and people. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will be the case.

Ahead of the local elections, the political podcast Offenboden went through the various parties to see why you might want to support them, not least – which Norwegian celebrity “is” this party.

Listen to episodes here:

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