Delta in the United States: Biden pleads with his people for national pride

BSuddenly he is wearing a mask again. When Joe Biden went to lecture at the White House on Thursday afternoon, he did it with a black mask, set it aside before speaking, and then raised it to demonstration. Very different than the last few months. Unlike a week ago, in a swollen room, guests cared for each other and no one insisted on physical distance.

Considering the dramatic increase in govt infections and hospitalizations and the average 300 deaths as a result of the virus, the Biden government quickly changed direction, tightening the need for masks on Tuesday. The president’s half-hour speech shows how serious the situation is, given the widespread delta variability and low vaccination rates in large parts of the United States.

Biden speaks with constant intense expression, emphatic rhetoric. He publishes the most popular humorous arbitrary comments. Hard to imagine – and absurd in today’s perspective – this President celebrated Independence Day on July 4 with a happy banquet in the White House garden. “Today we are closer than ever to declaring our freedom from a deadly virus,” Biden said at the time. It was like a long, long time ago.

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The delta variant is highly variable and the number of cases is expected to continue to rise, Biden says. This is called expectation management. There is still a lot to come, how to shorten it. “Facts, science, truth” stands against misinformation. Biden cites CDC’s new guidelines. In high-risk areas, i.e. large areas of the United States, vaccinated persons are again advised to wear face masks in public and closed rooms. The capital, Washington, is a high-risk area for new epidemics. That’s why Biden appears to be wearing a mask in the East Room. But how did he say May 13? “If you’ve been fully vaccinated, you do not need to wear a face mask regularly.”

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“Now! Now!”

The mask is “not a political statement,” Biden says. Masks are a way to protect yourself against the virus, “vaccines are the best protection”. Two million civilians must provide evidence of full vaccine protection if federal employees do not wish to wear the mask. Those who are not vaccinated need to be tested regularly and are rarely allowed to go on business trips. Biden is less controlled than the various U.S. companies that require vaccine lighting. The military should add protection against Govt for compulsory vaccinations.

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More often than not, chairs are vacant at vaccination centers in the United States.  Only more than half a million corona vaccines are given each day

The situation in the United States is tricky. While most of the world is waiting for vaccines, almost one in two Americans think they are unnecessary. Only 49 percent of the population has full vaccine coverage, although vaccinations are available weekly on a weekly basis for those 12 years of age and older. Only 57 percent received at least one dose of the vaccine. Biden reassures those who have received only one vaccine: “Get the second dose of the vaccine. Now! Now! “The president is following a more serious, harsh tone than in recent weeks. He presents what his best talk about the epidemic is. The country is far away on the mountain, he says. Biden speaks twice about the “epidemic of those not vaccinated.” He avoids insulting or exposing people who have not been vaccinated.

Instead, the president is trying to appease those who have not been vaccinated with rational, pathetic and national pride. “People don’t have to die, they die,” Biden says. He talks about a doctor from Alabama Facebook post Hunting social networks for a week. In it, she reported on Govt patients who were seriously ill. “It’s heartbreaking and avoidable,” Biden says.

Because vaccine rates are low, especially among Republicans, Biden refers to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Vaccine Caller and Governor of Alabama. He named the “conservative” television station Fox News, which recently dropped its tough anti-vaccine stance.

“It’s not about the red and blue states,” Biden says, “it’s about life and death.” His predecessor Donald Trump was vaccinated en masse to the United States by Operation Warp Speed, but only secretly vaccinated and his biden was never called upon to commit to doing so. Perhaps such an appeal to Trump’s supporters would have significantly increased the vaccine rate.

Freedom means responsibility, Biden says

Biden, on the other hand, wants to suppress the cultural war on vaccines, not fuel. With the word “freedom” he interferes with the key word of those who do not want to be vaccinated or rejects masks or both. Biden argued that freedom means responsibility. In a way, he classifies the vaccine as an act of patriotism. Yes, Biden practically appeals to his people, saying that everyone has this responsibility not only to themselves, but also to the people they love and “your country”.

Foreign leaders have been actively asking him for vaccine doses, Biden says, while the United States has been blessed with its vaccine products. There are now reports that tens of thousands of vaccine doses should soon be discarded in the United States as they have exceeded the date of their use.

All schools, the president demands, must be reopened. This is clear news after long video lessons in many places. Young people over the age of twelve will need the vaccine. Once the vaccine is approved for those under the age of twelve, the vaccination campaign will begin soon.

Biden appeals to those who have not been vaccinated to remember the dark winter of the past, regardless of whether they are “scared” or “angry.” “3,600 people die every day.” He carries a note in his pocket every day, says Pvt., The number of comrades who have died so far due to Govt. “609,441 people have died.” Biden called on Pathos in his voice to appeal to national pride: “It was more alive than World War I, World War II, Vietnam, September 11, Iraq and Afghanistan.”

With American optimism and exceptionalism, the president is trying to convince his comrades to vaccinate. America, the landless nation, will not overthrow it. You have the tools to save lives and keep the economy running and growing. “We can do it,” Biden says: “We can do it.” It sounds like a self-trigger. This is followed by another appeal to the vaccine muffle, which reads “Please get vaccinated!”

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