iOS 17.2 brings 15W wireless charging for iPhones

iOS 17.2 brings 15W wireless charging for iPhones

We’ve written about the fact that the iPhone 15 supports Qi2 before.

From 7.5W to 15W from iPhone 13 with Qi2

For this reason, the first mobile phones on the market to support the new wireless charging standard finally get unified magnetic support and up to 15W wireless charging. The new thing is that iOS 17.2, which was just launched in RC version, is often the last before the final launch, which has already been announced, and will take place during this month. It reveals that Apple’s 13th and 14th generation mobile phones also support the charging standard.

9To5Mac reports, “This means older iPhone users will be able to take advantage of up to 15W charging speeds using Qi2 accessories, without upgrading to the iPhone 15.”

There has been some uncertainty as to whether there will actually be support for such fast wireless charging from the 2021 models onwards, but it may seem like that all along while the iPhone 12 also supports 15W wireless charging, but only with Apple MagSafe: with Qi1 max coming out 7.5 watts. The same is also mentioned on the product page for the latest models: Apple will definitely update when iOS 17.2 is released in a final version in a week or so, as this is not true now for the latest models as well.

This is what we wrote about the Qi2 standard when it was officially approved in November:

“The new generation feature is things that Apple fans have long used: magnets and speeds similar to MagSafe (Apple was involved in the development.) It took time: Qi1 specifications were released for 15 years It’s been a while, but now the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has finally announced that the first products have almost made it through the certification process — a first launch just in time for Christmas Eve. “This was promised in January this year.”

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iOS 17.2 gets:

  • Diary application
  • Apple Music shares playlists
  • Private playlist of favorite songs
  • New focus filter
  • “Check iMessage connection key”
  • A new way to add stickers to messages
  • Four new home screen widgets
  • Upgraded lock screen widget
  • Receive content from Apple Vision Pro
  • Real-time translation with action button
  • Get information about incoming photos without seeing them
  • AR location accuracy
  • Emergency alerts
  • Real-time activities for news
  • New interface for online videos

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