– It hurts so much

– It hurts so much

– When every step and every session hurts, it’s not very pleasant, Philip Ingebrigtsen tells Dagbladet.

He was the best in the Ingebrigtsen family and took WC bronze in the 1500m in London in 2017, the year after he won the European Championships in the long distance.

Also in 2018, he was the best in his family and in Europe before his injury at the European Athletics Championships in Berlin. Then Jacob took a chance and won two golds at the European Championships. Since then, Jacob has been the best in the family – and now the world.

While Henrik has risen again mathematically this season, in addition to being the coach of world champion Jakob, Philippe has ended up in the shadows lately.

Jakob Engbrigtsen and Carsten Warholm set fire to Bislett Stadium. Correspondent: Øyvind Godø. Video: Kristoffer Løkås and NRK
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Last year was a sporting nightmare, marked by a severe Achilles tendon injury. Both the World Cup and European Championships are known for their racing elegance from Sundance.

good news

But now the pain is finally gone.

Philip is on the way to recovery, with a new dose of optimism, although Bislett’s games were a setback as the 30-year-old broke.

– Your highest level is the sky, as you showed it before. Is it possible to get there again?

– I have faith. But it’s clearly still a bit early to draw conclusions, says Philip Ingebrigtsen The daily newspaper.

What do you need to have to get there?

First and foremost, be free of injuries. I am now. And then I have to get some competition in my legs not least high quality training sessions. Then I think he will come, he says.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen is seen jogging in Oslo at night. Video: Lucas/Godot
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How long have you been injury free?

– I strained my Achilles tendon last year and it was very difficult to get rid of it. I trained, but not enough with high quality. The pain started to subside in the spring, so I guess I haven’t felt any injuries since the spring, answered the 30-year-old.

How was this painful period for you?

– It was very boring, first of all because it hurt a lot. It limits the fun of exercise.

Andrea Roth exited The Interview with Dagbladet. Correspondent: Øyvind Godø. Video: Christopher Lucas
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Contradictions with Jacob

– How do you experience the inconsistencies with Jacob’s adventurous success, while at the same time struggling and plagued with injuries, when you know just how high you’ve come?

It’s good to be doing something fun and not just focusing on your results. I’d like to do better for everyone who stands up and cheers us on, but fortunately there are others bidding so they really get value for money,” says Philip Ingebrigtsen. The daily newspaper.

He regards the setback during the Bislett Games – where Philip broke while Jakob won and Narvi overtook Gilgi Nordos and took second place to Philip in the noble calendar over the Norwegians over 1,500 metres – as not representative of the level he has today.

Narvi Gilgi Nordos started to cry when the speaker read his time. Correspondent: Øyvind Godø. Video: Christopher Lucas
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– I realized early on that the cost was high and the body was not in good shape for various reasons. She’s been responding really well to training and I feel like I’ve had a boost since the Diamond League meeting in Rabat, so it’s a shame I won’t be able to get out of Bislett. I don’t feel like that represents the level I’m at right now, points out the 30-year-old.

– What will be the next competition?

– I have to look and feel the body flowing a little bit again.

Henrik Ingebrigtsen burst in to meet Jakob. Correspondent: Øyvind Godø. Video: Christopher Lucas
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Pain free

Where little brother Jakob Ingebrigtsen was mathematically floating on a cloud, Henrik has also seen a renaissance this season. Henrik recently competed in the 5000m in Belgium.

– I am pain free. If I use my head in the next few weeks, I can get a boost towards the next competitions, says Henrik Ingebrigtsen to Dagbladet after the 5,000m in Bislet.

– If you think how far I got at the beginning of April – I haven’t had a session abroad for half a year and I’ve had no more than two or three weeks of continuity – it’s as good as it can be now, under those terms.

Then the brothers: – Unbelievable

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