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On the jury: Julie and Yom Lee (left), Heiji Ostad and Jan Strandback in Tripletex are three of the five total members of the jury.

In just a few years, the technology and accounting software company Tripletex has transformed from a startup to a multimillionaire. Now they’re giving back – in the form of an entrepreneurial competition with 100,000 NOK in the pot.

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In recent years, a record number of companies have been registered in Norway, figures from Statistics Norway show. According to Innovation Norway, Norwegian startups are now contributing to an annual value creation of over NOK 70 billion.

At the same time, only one in four startups are still there after five years.

Access to capital is one of the success factors. That’s why Tripletex wants it Distributing 100,000 NOK to a startupsays General Manager Heig Ostad at Tripletex.

I experienced how much financial support it can mean. When Are Meisfjord and Morten Ekanger founded Tripletex in 2002, they received seed capital from a test client.

– We have been a pioneering company ourselves and we know how difficult it is to get financial resources. That’s why it’s good to be able to give something back, Assstad says.

A start-up company? Sign up here before November 7th to participate in the raffle for NOK 100,000!

Give the competition: General Manager Heig Ostad has handed over 100,000 on behalf of Tripletex.

Give the competition: General Manager Heig Ostad has handed over 100,000 on behalf of Tripletex.

Innovation sources

Since its inception, Tripletex has grown to become the most widely used online accounting software in Norway. Together with co-founder Lise Ekanger, Oustad helped bring accounts to the cloud.

Today, the company has 300 employees, more than 78,000 customers and expects growth of more than 45 percent in 2023.

Tripletex now wants to encourage a new startup company through an entrepreneurial competition.

As an entrepreneur and now managing a large company by Norwegian standards, I consider it very important to encourage new entrepreneurs, says Oustad and continues:

Start-up companies are important sources of innovation, new jobs and, not least, a good work environment. She adds that culture and learning are often high on the agenda.

How to register for the competition:

  1. Fill out the form on before November 7th at the latest
  2. To participate, you must introduce your company and its growth journey so far and plan how the company can grow even further. In addition, you should say what you want to spend money on when you win.
  3. You must have an AS created between 2018 and 2021.
  4. The jury selects five finalists, after which they will be voted on on Facebook until November 29. The winner will be announced on November 30th.

The winner gets this:

  • NOK 100,000 to purchase equipment, systems, expertise or other things the company needs to create value and further growth.
  • One year for free with Tripletex – regardless of whether the company has used Tripletex before or not.
  • Profiling through three follow-up cases in the form of articles and videos. These are posted on Tripletex channels such as the trade blog, newsletter, and social media.

Here you can participate in the TRIPLETEX founders contest!

About the jury

The award is led by a jury of five founding members, directors and experts in startups.

They are looking for startups with growth ambitions that have the potential to create future jobs – regardless of the industry and whether the company has local or international ambitions.

The jury consists of

  • Lene Aspen Nilsen, Chairman and Consultant at Origami Paperworks, specializing in helping emerging and growing companies.
  • Hege Oustad, founder and general manager of Tripletex, and board member of Framsikt, Stecos and Visma Financial Solutions.
  • Henriette Einevoll Husby, founder and host of the Businesstalk podcast with Henriette, as well as Director of Sales at ReData.
  • Jan Strandback, Head of Development at Tripletex and Board Member of Yuki, and Visma Software Romania.
  • Julie Wium Lie, Head of Market and Business Development at Tripletex, and Board Member of PinkWeb BV and Intempus Aps.

Register for the TRIPLETEX Founder’s Contest HERE BEFORE November 7th!

Putting things in order: With Tripletex, you can have everything in one place - bills, accounts, salary payments, travel bills, and more.

Putting things in order: With Tripletex, you can have everything in one place – bills, accounts, salary payments, travel bills, and more.

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