It saves lives and is worth $7.5 billion

It saves lives and is worth $7.5 billion


Founder Arne Bergby in Bergen has had previous success with Itslearning. Now he wants to sell a new entrepreneurial venture in the United States, writes Finansavisen.

health: Arne Bergby invested in a new industry and the company is now valued at NOK 7.5 billion.

Bergby has achieved global success with Itslearning, an educational platform for schools and universities. He resigned as CEO of Its Learning in 2020 after 18 years.

In 2022, the IT expert raised $20 million to invest in a completely new industry.

He started Defibrio in 2020.

The company's head office is located in Bergen and focuses on the USA.

Defibrio is now worth NOK 7.5 billion, he writes

It will save lives

Between 2,500 and 3,000 people die every year from cardiac arrest outside a hospital, in Norway alone, Bergby told Shifter in 2022.

The main reason is the lack of defibrillators, and research shows that these would have survived if they had received a shock from a pacemaker within six minutes.

According to the Norwegian Cardiac Arrest Registry, the survival rate in Norway is 14 percent – if an ambulance arrives. If she gets hit before she's in place, she'll survive almost one hundred percent.

Bergby was introduced to numbers by a friend, and ideas about how to solve such a large problem began to emerge; What if the mobile phone became a defibrillator?

-I have worked in schools and education for over 20 years, and I wanted to do something new. Maybe this was the opportunity, Bergby said, adding:

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– Then we traveled to the USA in 2020, where we applied for several patents and established the operating company there, but the holding company is in Norway, he told Shifter in 2022.

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