Sebastian Vettel does not rule out a return to Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel does not rule out a return to Formula 1

A teddy bear hug between Lewis Hamilton (back) and Sebastian Vettel when they meet in Japan in 2023 and are about to build a bug hotel together. Photo: Toru Hanai/AP/NTB

If Formula 1 hasn't had enough rumors and loose ends before: could Sebastian Vettel (36) be on his way back? Lewis Hamilton, 39, thinks it's a good idea.

Formula 1 websites are full of speculation following Vettel's interview For Sky Sports this week.

The environmentally and socially committed German responded this way when the interviewer asked if he would replace Lewis Hamilton (who will leave for Ferrari in 2025) at Mercedes:

– But I don't know where life takes you. Maybe you'll put me back behind the wheel, maybe not.

Vettel left Formula 1 after the 2022 season. This weekend there are races in Japan. To the 2023 race in Japan (then in September) Vettel came to build bug hotels with his former rivals.

Sebastian Vettel shares a group photo with Formula 1 drivers in Japan in 2023. Photograph: Toru Hanai/AP/NTB

– There are things that make me want to, of course, when I think about it, but there are also things that don't, he says about returning to sports.

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– It depends on the package, says Vettel.

On the other hand, he is clear about what attracts him most about Formula 1:

– Well, the excitement, the speed, I think the competition is the most, really. I mean, going fast isn't the only thing, but it's actually competition.

But is he in serious talks with Mercedes boss Toto Wolff about a return?

– I'm talking to Toto. I don't know if it qualifies for Mercedes, but in terms of other things, you know, I have ideas for Formula 1, events that I plan to take forward. I also spoke to a lot of other team managers as well, and not just about racing.

More importantly, Vettel says of the return:

– I mean, of course, the idea comes to my mind. I think about that, but that's not the main idea. I have three kids at home, and it's crowded every day, so I have lots of other ideas.

However, it is clear that the Mercedes seat is among the most attractive in the field. Vettel and Mercedes are both German.

Lewis Hamilton accordingly Positive for Vettel's return:

– I would love it if Seb came back. I think he would be a great choice for the team: a German driver, multiple world champion, someone with great values, who will continue to lead this team forward. I would love it if he came back.

Here's what George Russell says about Vettel's potential return:

Sebastian Vettel was a four-time world champion for Red Bull and also drove for Ferrari and Aston Martin, although in recent years he has been largely based in the back half of the field.

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The steering wheel is not fully attached. Vettel tested before the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year. according to It has not been decided whether he will run in the race in June.

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