June 6, 2023


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Kicked out due to injury in Skal Vi danse

Kicked out due to injury in Skal Vi danse

It was an exciting training session for Nate Kahongo and Nadia Khametskaya on Thursday night.

Khametskaya injured her foot during training and therefore cannot participate in tonight’s broadcast. This was confirmed by TV 2 in a press release.

smoke output: Another new entrant had to leave the competition at Shall We Dance – All Stars on Saturday. Video: Selena Morkin. Reporter: Sophie Lucien. Clip: Luna Leah.
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“I’m so sorry and it’s hard to be a quarter-finalist in a season like this,” says the professional dancer.

So Kahungu should dance with a substitute during tonight’s quarter-finals.

Professional dancer Mai Minzoni takes charge of Khametskaya. She is certain that the P3 profile is in good hands.

Alternative: Nate dances with Mai during tonight's broadcast.  Photo: TV 2.

Alternative: Nate dances with Mai during tonight’s broadcast. Photo: TV 2.
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– We’ve become a trio, where I’m on the sidelines as a coach, choreographer and basically supportive of them. I’m sure Nate and Mai are going to have a great group dance tonight.

– The focus now is that Nate is doing well tonight and continues so we can dance together again in the semi-finals next week, concludes Khametskaya.

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Jan-Peter Dahl, Press Director of TV Channel 2:

We wish Nadia a good recovery and hope to return to training soon. At the same time, we are very pleased that May is standing up at short notice and will be Nadia’s replacement during the evening’s broadcast, says Jan-Peter Dahl, TV2’s Director of Press.

Four couples stayed at Skal Vi Danse for this year. Tonight we will find out which three pairs will qualify for the semi-finals.

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