It warns of wind gusts of up to 32 meters per second

It warns of wind gusts of up to 32 meters per second

On Twitter, YR meteorologists wrote that they sent out so many danger warnings that they almost went out.

– The winds are already increasing a lot in northern Norway, at least in the open and along the coast, where there is a severe storm now, meteorologist on duty at the Meteorological Institute, Han Pete Skator, tells TV 2.

It says winds will increase sharply through the night and that the strongest warning of danger hits northern Norway on Wednesday morning.

– Then there is a yellow warning for wind gusts at Salten, Ofoten and Lofoten. Here there will be a small storm on the coast and strong local winds of 27-30 meters per second.

moving north

On Wednesday morning, the winds will turn north, so that a dangerous warning is sent to Troms Wall.

– This warning of danger remains unchanged, i.e. periods when there is a small southern storm and strong winds of 25-30 meters per second. Shortly after Wednesday morning, northern Troms, coastal areas and fjords west and east Finnmark will also be affected, and in these areas the strongest winds will come.

During the Wednesday afternoon the winds drop in Nordland, and during the evening and night until Thursday they also drop in Troms and Finnmark.

When the winds have blown a little in the north of the country, it is the south of Norway that should rest on strong winds. Here, wind gusts of up to 32 meters per second are expected in some places.

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– Then a yellow warning of winds was sent in Rogaland and treacherous, and there we expect gusts of winds of 27-32 meters per second from the northwest direction. Along the coast, it can appear briefly in a small storm.

The winds will continue throughout Thursday, Taxman says, calming into the evening.

You can feel strong winds in eastern Norway

Although danger warnings have been sent out for Rogaland and Agder, the meteorologist says that several parts of southern Norway could also feel strong winds.

Winds also blow in the southern mountainous regions. And some parts of eastern Norway can feel some wind, but it’s not so strong that we’re sending a warning.

– The wind comes from the northwest which is a typical direction there can be some gusts of wind, also inland. But this is not something we expect serious consequences from. If you’re going on a trip, it’s okay to wear a windbreaker anyway.

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