January 27, 2023


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– It will be a dilemma for Carlson

KJØLIG: Hans Niemann (TV) and Magnus Carlsen are pictured here during the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis, Carlsen pulled out. Now both of them are registered in the WC in rapid and blitz in Almaty.

One of the world’s leading chess journalists believes that Magnus Carlsen (32) will be subjected to an emotional test if he meets Hans Niemann (19) during the Blitz World Championship at Christmas.


Both Carlsen and the American are registered, and the participants will play a total of 34 matches over the past five days of the two tournaments.

It is impossible to know in advance if the two will play against each other.

– We are talking about a total of 34 rounds, and Neiman is at the level that Carlsen often meets in the so-called Swiss system. It would just be a guess, but I think the chance they’ll meet is about 10 to 15 percent, says Tarji J. Twitter.

The dispute over Hans Niemann began when Magnus Carlsen was at the beginning of September Withdrew from the Sinquefield Cup After losing to Neiman.

Carlsen indicated through a cryptic message on social media that the reason was cheating. Carlsen later clarified that he did not want to play against Neiman. In a later lap, Carlsen pulled out after a few seconds in protest.

At the same time, Neiman sued Carlsen and others for just over NOK 1 billion for libel. Carlsen Attorneys he responded forcefully He claims, among other things, that the American has a “dubious reputation.”

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Leontxo García, who writes about chess for the main newspaper El Pais, tells VG:

– Carlsen told me after the World Cup victory over Serge Karjakin in December 2016 that “my weakest point is controlling my emotions”.

– I think this is the key to understanding how he could accuse Neiman without evidence. In Almaty, he will undergo an important test of his emotional balance.

What would Magnus Carlsen do if the two of them got together at a party? We leave the question to Tarjei J. Svensen:

– It would be some kind of Magnus dilemma! I still don’t think he can take the risk of refusing to play. Because it might cost him the title of a toilet, and because I thought he could be punished by such interruption. Then he can always argue that he has already made his point with cheating on the agenda – if he chooses to play against Neyman.

This is how the struggle was in September:

– Do you think this issue will affect Carlsen’s WC match?

– Magnus isn’t known for letting himself be affected too much by such things, he’s good at shutting things down and thinking to himself. But if they met during the tournament, and if he were to lose, it could be a nightmare.

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Magnus Carlsen has a total of eight WC titles in rapid and blitz chess. In 2019 he won two titles, and in 2020 there was a stoppage to Corona, while he remained without a win in the 2021 championship.

– I think Magnus is very eager to win back titles in WC in blitz and rapid chess, especially now that he lost the classic title and could not win in fischer chess, says Tarjei J. Svensen.

Playing Christmas to the Whole Room: Magnus Carlsen, 32, plays the whole room at Christmas in Almaty. Photographed here by VG on a previous occasion.

– The fact that there are players like Nakamura, Caruana, Vachier-Lagrave, Grischuk, Nebu and Duda, I think makes it tougher. But it won’t be easy at all.

Of the Norwegians, in addition to Carlsen, Ariane Tarry, Johan Sebastian Christiansen and Benjamin Halldorsen are also enrolled in the so-called “open class”, while Monica Machlek will be in the women’s class.

The current champions are:

Rapid Chess: Nodirbek Abdusattorov, Uzbekistan.

Blitz: Maxime Vacher-Lagrave, France.

As usual, NRK is broadcasting the entirety of the World Cup in fast-and-flash throughout the Christmas period. Ole Rolfsrud is the presenter and has Torstein Bae and Atle Grønn as experts. Due to the time difference, broadcasts actually start at 09.40 (26-29 December). On the last day (30 December) it starts at 08.40.

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Note: The prize money is close to NOK 10 million. 70 percent of this goes to the “open class,” where both sexes are allowed to participate, and 30 percent to the women’s class.