It’s closed anyway – VG

It's closed anyway - VG
Johannes Husfluth Klæbo describes himself at the Olympics, but there is a fierce battle going on in many other places.

DAVOS (VG) Which Medal Nominee Should Get an Olympic Cold Shoulder?


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Here in gorgeous Davos in the Swiss Alps, there is a lot at stake this weekend.

It is not that the decision on the Olympic team will be revealed after this World Cup round. But cross-country management has a huge need for more answers when it comes to placing a moderately demanding solitaire card.

No more than eight athletes of each gender may now be sent to the Olympic Games. It’s a much smaller quota than in the World Cup, and it’s also lower than what is allowed in the Tour de Ski.

As a result, a series of difficult questions opens, in which there is only one thing in doubt: no matter what ESPN Bervig, Ole Morten Iversen, Arild Monsen and Eric Mer Nosom land on, they will be met with criticism.

Athletes who could have had a real medal opportunity will not be allowed to participate.

It is very brutal.

So much emotion involves a potential career-determining eruption – and so many lines of conflict can cross – that this would be difficult.

In an ideal world, management could have gotten away with most things relatively early on, so that Olympic hopes don’t live that long with a knife in the throat.

But more places will remain open for a little longer than he really wanted, Erik Meyer Nossum confirms on the balcony outside the AlpenGold Hotel near the ski resorts.

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This means that Tour de Ski will be more important for more people,

But first, Davos.

Here’s the sprint on Saturday, before the women run 10km and the men 15km the next day.

It affects the nerves of a number of athletes.

On the men’s side, one of the hardest questions is whether to take a purely private runner, or whether to prioritize athletes who can be prepared over several distances.

This distribution is of course a subject, and Johannes Husfluth Klæbo was clear on Friday that it’s a good idea not to be the one making that choice.

Havard Solas Taugboul of the national fast team is a World Cup bronze medalist from Oberstdorf, was No. 5 in Roca and advances to another spot in Lillehammer. However, getting a ticket is not a natural matter, and he is under pressure ahead of Davos.

For his teammate Sindre Bjørnestad Skar, he burns blue light if he wants to get close to the eye of the needle. Pål Golberg would also like to get a good experience from Davos to put it in the pot.

Self-described Johannes Husfluth Klæbo and Eric Valens are in a good position to get an Olympic ticket, also because he has become more useful.

Even Northug got a free chance to appear because comet Thomas Helland Larsen had to report his date, so cards started playing a lot.

In the all-around team, one of the most useful players, Emil Iversen, is not in Davos due to the chaotic start to the season. But in a small squad, he has as big an advantage as the columned potato, which in theory could go rubles and parts of the six races at the Olympics.

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It wasn’t soooo Far as far as might give the impression.

Simen Hegstad Krüger and Hans Christer Holund are probably safe cards, but other than that, there’s a lot at stake.

Dedrick Tonseth is out of the national team, but the back door to Beijing isn’t closed. Eric Mer-Nasom was clearly impressed by the knockout win in the Scandinavian Cup on Friday. It can put runners in the national team under greater performance pressure to impress management.

Abstract, it is open in terms of skaters type composition, and among athletes the most similar in type.

On the women’s side, he is thinner on the field, and is allowed to fear the day Thérèse Juhaug leaves.

But until then at least we’ve got a solid field here too, and this weekend it’s going to be a big question if Kristen Stavos Skistad can show us some of the potential that she clearly has. They are essential in the fight against the mighty Swedish runners.

On the far side, one can only hope for a new thriller between Johaug and Frida Carlson that is getting stronger.

While the recharge of the pre-World Cup weekend was marked by many non-sporting questions, what happens on the slopes is the focus of the Davos races.

Here too there is a lot to be wondered about at the moment.

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