Thousands support Lane’s prayer for politicians

Thousands support Lane's prayer for politicians

“Dear politicians, we are sick and tired of long before the epidemic” is the message to nurse Lin Woll. More than 14,000 agree with her.

Lene Woll says she has received many messages and comments where people thank her for sharing her thoughts.
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From Kuala Lumpur. From 24:00 until December 9, we enter another period of strict coronary restrictions, and then I ask: What about next winter? »

This is how Nurse Lene Woll’s Instagram post begins. Her previous posts have gone well, getting only 115 likes.

This week, she decided to share her thoughts on life in healthcare. Reply after the post was published, and the update crossed 14,000 likes.

Lynn Wall tells Aftenbladet that it still flocks inland.

The leaflet has also been disseminated by health workers across the country.

– It’s incredibly cute, not the least important, she says.

Room to recruit more

She worked as a nurse for more than four years, and last year began her journey to becoming a nurse anesthetist. I tried to keep the 50% position next to the study, but it became too much.

My conscience was bad towards my workplace, when they needed people and could no longer count on me, she tells Aftenbladet.

She thinks it’s about more than just her interest.

I feel that the already overcrowded healthcare system is being used as an excuse for new intervention measures and closures. Imagine if nightlife were allowed to remain open, and subsidy schemes went to health service personnel, says Wall.

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She hopes for employment and increased capabilities in the future. What about the next winter, the next boom or the next pandemic?

Over the past two years, there has been room for more recruits, but that hasn’t happened. This is nothing new, we struggled with capacity even before the Corona pandemic, she said.

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Up to four hours of sleep

Although the work environment law requires 11 hours Rest period, it also allows the business owner and store officials to enter into agreements on the abbreviated period Spare time between two guards.

The health sector has several exceptions to the Work Environment Act, based on the need to operate 24/7.

It often happens that I finish my work at 22:00 and start at 07:00. In the meantime, you should go to and from work, change your uniform, have dinner, and preferably breakfast. Then it will be difficult to get enough sleep between fights, says Woolfra to Aftenbladet.

She says she slept four hours in one night at worst. Now she has her routines up to seven hours, but then falls asleep straight away. Straight house without any particularly good dinner.

She emphasizes that this is something one is trying to avoid, and that it is primarily about quality assurance.

– It’s mainly about hiring, not having enough people to take off. You connect and connect, and the most important thing is to have the right skills on the job at all times, she says.

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Upon changing the government this fall, she had hope of improving her daily life as a health professional.

– I have no expectations of this happening right away, as this has been a problem for many years. The staffing was supposed to happen many years ago, and I doubt I’m alone in thinking about that, she says.


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