Jர்கrgen Konings: Backpack from Belgium-Rambo found in Limburg

Province of Limburg, Belgium – Soldier Jurgen Konings (46) has been running for 23 days – at least a small lead has now been discovered!

The Belgium-Rambo, coveted by the military and special forces (elite police officers from Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, GSG9 and Interpol), is missing.

But: Belgian military forces have found a backpack near Ho Chi Minh National Park (Limburg province), which may be 80 to 90 percent belonging to Koning. Belgian Daily Reports “Border Echo”.

According to Flemish broadcaster VRT, the bag also contained ammunition for the P-90 submachine gun and anti-psychotic drugs.

A few weeks ago, the fleeing sniper car was found nearby. A forester noticed the car and immediately alerted emergency services. Four anti-tank missiles were found in the car, according to the federal prosecutor’s office.

The right-wing extremist soldier is heavily armed with rocket launchers and submachine guns. With weapons of war that could have been stolen without hindrance from a military base in Leopoldsburg, Konings is plotting an assassination attempt. Among other things, he threatened to assassinate Belgium’s top virologist Marc van Ronst (55).

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