Jan Hanvold: – In artificial coma after heart attack

Jan Hanvold: – In artificial coma after heart attack

Controversial TV preacher John Hunvold, who founded the Christian television channel Visjon Norge, suffered a heart attack while traveling in the United States.

It informs Vision Norway on its websites.

Hunvold was reportedly in Minneapolis when he suffered a heart attack.

– A surgical intervention was carried out, and the medical apparatus at the scene decided to put John Hanvold in an artificial coma, said presenter Astri Weber Kellin Laurents on the live broadcast of Visjon Norge on Monday evening.

– Comedy: Television pastor John Hunvold calls the incident during Monday’s television broadcast of Visjon Norge a joke. Correspondent: Madeleine Liereng / Talkblade TV
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Hunvold is now breathing with the help of a ventilator, he said.

– The tests carried out later were positive, the presenter continued.

Pray for Hanwold

The TV channel urged its viewers to pray to God for Hanvold.

– I am turning to the great Visjon Norge family, whom John loves so much, to intercede in this situation, said the presenter.

Inge R√łyseland, who presided over the assembly on the spot, led the prayer:

– Norway has weathered many storms and now it has been hit again. We are grateful for all that Visjon Norge has meant and still means, said Riceland.

– We sincerely pray for John Hunvold, he added.

God pays: Ivor Kolstad at Visjon Norge was criticized after a statement where he claimed that God would pick up the electricity bill. Video: Vision Norway. Correspondent: Augusta Magnusdottir, Waygard Krueger.
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Television channel Visjon Norge and John Hunvold are both controversial.

During the covid pandemic, one of the TV pastors at Visjon Norge said that by donating NOK 2020 to the channel, you can get protection from the virus.

Moments later, Hahnwold called for a handshake and then said he “doesn’t believe in the coronavirus.” Then he came out and said, “Just kidding.”

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The TV channel offers huge cash prizes.

In 2016, NRK rated Hanvold and Visjon Norge In 2001 the revenue was NOK one billion.

In 2021, another televangelist, Visjon Norge, said that God will ensure electricity bills. The man later apologized for this.

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