Jennifer Aniston thinks social media is torture

Jennifer Aniston thinks social media is torture

There’s no doubt that fans were thrilled when Jennifer Aniston (53) chose to stay at the end Instagram member In October 2019.

In just five hours and 16 minutes, the actor has gained 1 million followers on the photo-sharing service. It thus broke the world records of Duchess Meghan (41) and Prince Harry (38) by about half an hour, according to Guinness World Records.

“And we are now Instagram friends too. Hello Instagram,” Aniston wrote as text on her first photo, which showed her surrounded by her fellow “Friends,” at the time.


After three years as a member, the 53-year-old today has over 40 million followers. Despite having a large fan base, she now admits that she is not a fan of the popular photo sharing service at all.

– I hate social media. She told the magazine I’m not good at it Lure It continues:

Laughter: Jennifer Aniston was joking when she talked about the time after the end of ‘Friends’ and the split from Brad Pitt. Video: YouTube / Ellentop
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– It’s torment for me. The reason I had an Instagram account was to launch hair brand LolaVie, but then the pandemic came and we couldn’t launch it. And so I was stuck on Instagram. It doesn’t come naturally to me.

Furthermore, she says that the internet has good intentions and brings people together, but she finds it sad to see how it can make young girls feel in comparison and despair.

– I’m really glad we got to experience teens and twenties without the aspect of social media.

In 2015, the movie star revealed that social media had made her nervous, and that she was worried about the impact on the younger generation.

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The children no longer talk to each other. I visited some friends from Vermont and their kids, ages 9-12, don’t have an iPhone or an iPad. They were some very interesting guys. She told me seeing other kids their age sitting on the phone all the time makes me sad People this time.

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