Jonas Kahr Store, Trygway Slacksvold Vet

Jonas Kahr Store, Trygway Slacksvold Vet

Earlier on Friday, Ola Borten Moe resigned as minister of research and higher education and vice-president of the Center Party. He also did not seek re-election in 2025.

On Friday evening, Prime Minister Jonas Karstor (AP) and Finance Minister and Center Party leader Trygve Slacksvold Ved met the press. Storr said both he and Wade were notified Wednesday of Borden Mo’s stock trading and breach of trust.

– Political and administrative work is underway, Storr said.

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Ola Borten Moe of the Center Party has been a stock speculator inside

– This is a serious mistake

Storr established that Borden asked Moe to resign as minister.

– Because he has broken ethics and government guidelines for stock trading. It’s all about being careful, Storr said.

The prime minister described the case as a “serious mistake”, which Borden Moe himself acknowledged.

– I want to repeat here: It is important that people have faith in the decisions taken by the government. And the outcome of this case and the confidence it could have in the government were not compatible with his continuing as a minister. That was the conclusion, said Storr.

Large purchases after entry

The Prime Minister said that he holds shares in various companies.

– He bought some before he became a minister. We learned that too this week.

He also referred to a “handbook on political leadership” they have for political leadership, which is “circulated, delivered and reviewed across the government,” Storr said.

– It should be clear, black and white, and very carefully stocked. We should not hold or trade shares if they are likely to undermine confidence in the Minister, Government or Ministries.

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Storr pointed out that the government could gain access to sensitive information that is not publicly known and could affect the value of bonds.

– That’s why it’s so important for ministers to be careful when holding or trading stocks, and Ola says he acted against the government’s guidelines for stock trading. I agree with him on that, says Storr.

Violated the rules many times

Ola Borten Moe has violated the capacity norms several times. Among other things, on two occasions this winter the government took up cases related to arms production at Nammo, owned by the Kongsberg group. Borten Moe bought shares in Kongsberg Gruppen.

– He felt he had misjudged his own abilities, Storr says.

It is the third time in a month that a minister has had to explain himself for breaching the government’s integrity rules. Anette Trettebergstuen resigned as Minister of Culture and Equality, while Tonje Brenna sat down as Minister of Knowledge in defiance of the rules.

– Storr says it is the minister’s own responsibility to think impartially.

He says that the government is constantly working on the topic of talent.

– As I told you before the summer: if you are uncertain as a minister, it is very easy to ask for help, says Storr.

– Third case in a short period of time

Committee leader Peter Frølich (H) warns that the cases of Borten Moe, Trettbergstuen and Brenna will be a topic in the Storting’s control and constitutional committee.

– Due to the seriousness of the matter, resignation is right and necessary. These rules exist to protect political decisions and confidence in our democracy. This is the third eligibility case in a short period of time. The Conservative Party will continue to work on the control committee, as the procedures in government need to be reviewed, Frølich tells NTB.

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Earlier on Friday, the board announced an investigation into Borden Moe’s alleged breach of integrity rules. Since its inception, the team has been investigating several talent cases.

– Froelich said that there will probably be a meeting of the committee next Thursday.

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