Sigvi Breck, Telenor | Telenor CEO of AI: – This is a ‘rat race’

Sigvi Breck, Telenor |  Telenor CEO of AI: – This is a ‘rat race’

– This is hard work.

Telenor CEO Sigve Brekke told Nettavisen.

He wants to take Telenor on a green trip – and he claims the era of “greenwashing” is over.

Because it is not just a mission that the company has embarked on. With its massive purchasing power, the company wants to force suppliers to not only say they have climate targets, but also actual Commitment to concrete goals, so-called “science-based goals”

The company’s goal is that by 2025, 68 percent — more than two-thirds of purchases — will come from suppliers that have agreed to such targets.

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– the challenge

– Bricky admits that it is difficult to get them involved in this.

We want to avoid them by simply saying they should reduce their footprint. They must actively commit to these concrete goals.

At the same time, the CEO believes Telenor can have a significant impact.

– We have such a large global purchasing business that we can put extra pressure on our suppliers and demand that if they’re going to work with us, they have to meet these climate goals, he says.

Currently, 46 percent of suppliers have committed to meaningful climate reductions.

– You’ve enjoyed this purchasing power for many years. Why didn’t you do something before?

– The first thing we did was clean our house. And when we got the goals approved by the Science-Based Goal Initiative, we cut our suppliers short.

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– So you don’t have a good answer as to why it didn’t come out earlier?

– No, I don’t have a good answer to that, he says and continues:

– But it takes time, and everyone says they should reduce their emissions. It has been very important for us to set goals, to measure them in an approved way. It’s important – and it takes time.

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Rat race

Artificial intelligence (AI) is also becoming increasingly important to Telenor’s work – in both a positive and a negative sense.

Because while Telenor is increasingly using AI to detect fraud attempts, scammers are also getting better at finding new ways through AI.

– This is the rat race, he says.

He points out that threat actors are constantly becoming more advanced – whether in global settings, criminal or state-sponsored actors.

– Before, fraud was discovered based on obvious clerical errors. Now the AI ​​can get to know you so well that it is completely impossible for you to know whether it was a cyberattack or not, as it claims.

At the same time, the company’s use of artificial intelligence goes beyond digital security.

We use it to understand our customers so we can better organize offers, we can better anticipate problems in the network, and we can reduce the energy in our network.

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Waiting for the development of 5G

It can also be said that the development of 5G network in Norway and the Nordic countries in recent years has been a rat race. Figures from the National Communications Authority show that 93 percent of all households in Norway have basic 5G coverage.

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At the same time, the area coverage of fast 5G networks is low. It may seem that it will take longer than expected to develop.

Telenor announced yesterday that it will be delaying some of the more recent network development. The development was supposed to be completed by 2024, but has now been delayed.

We see 4G as good enough for the vast majority of customers. Bjerke says 5G is important to the business market and the public sector.

Last year, the company invested NOK 6 billion, including in 5G network development, in Norway alone.

“We’ll wait a little bit and see what business cases we have before we roll out the entire network,” he concludes.

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