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Julian Senkistad (27 years old) started her modeling career at the age of 14, and during her career she has done modeling stints for a number of well-known clothing brands such as Naked, Nelly and Peak Book. Additionally, she applied for Playboy in the year 2017.

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This spring, it was reported that Snekkestad landed a modeling job for one of the biggest reality stars in the world, Kylie Jenner (25).

Jenner is behind the highly successful beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics, and she chose to hire the Norwegian model for the makeup campaign, which came out in May.

After Snekkestad topped the makeup campaign, there were questions about Jenner’s collaboration. In the website’s recent 730 podcast “We Meet Who We Write About,” she tells for the first time what it was like to collaborate with Jenner.

Chosen by Kylie Jenner

The questions Snekkestad is constantly asked are what it was like to meet Jenner and what it was like to work with her. Not least, many people wonder how much a modeling job will pay.

But there is bound to be a disappointment for the 27-year-old.

Snekkestad reveals that she has never met the makeup mogul in person. This is because the photo shoot took place in London, and not in Los Angeles, where Jenner lives.

But, she says, it was Jenner who picked the 27-year-old from Tonsberg to take part in the Kylie Cosmetics campaign.

– I heard she chose me. That’s exactly what I thought was a little fun, as Snekkestad admits in the episode that came out this week.

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According to the model, it is usually the boss himself, in this case, Jenner, who chooses the models that will be used in the tasks. This way, I got away with going to castings or auditions beforehand.

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She absorbed the fact that Snekkestad landed a modeling job with one of the world’s biggest makeup brands with amazing calm, which she says is a bit of a professional hit.

– I worked in this field for a long time, so I did not think much about it. If I had been nine and hadn’t worked much, I would have been very nervous, laughing and continuing:

– It’s a big job.

Julian Senkistad has not yet responded to Netavisen’s inquiries.

Deducted from salary

Snekkestad remains reticent about the salary slip after Jenner’s job arrives, but she doesn’t hide that she was satisfied with the payment.

– Snekkestad says in the podcast episode that it definitely pays well.

However, she revealed that she could initially earn more.

Doing a job for Kylie Jenner comes with great prestige, so the salary is cut a little bit, says the model.

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In addition, the 27-year-old says such famous brands can get away with paying lower fees for models, as it is considered “paying enough” by countering world-famous campaigns.

Snekkestad has been in the industry for nearly 15 years already, and according to her, it’s not exactly an unusual practice. She adds that in such cases you benefit from it in other ways, for example by putting it on your resume and in your wallet.

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Advised Royal Television Production

Snekkestad made a name for herself through her modeling career, but really became a well-known face when she met Marius Borg Hoppe (26 years old) in 2018. There was an uproar after Se og Hør’s report where Snekkestad was referred to as ‘Playboy-friend’ for my hobby.

The couple lived together in London, but moved to Tonsberg in 2019 after they bought a house together.

They were together for four years before their happiness exploded in March of this year. in a text message Snekkestad wrote to Nettavisen that she was in a much better place now that the breakup was a reality.

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During the four-year relationship, Snekkestad became close to the Norwegian royal family, as her former mother-in-law was Crown Princess Mette-Marit (49).

This summer saw the release of “Royalteen” on Netflix, which is about an ordinary girl who falls in love with a Norwegian crown prince. Snekkestad had a small hand in production, because She must have contributed to her knowledge of the royal family for a Netflix movie.

She herself never confirmed it, but according to Dagbladet, Snekkestad consulted a number of royal details, everything from clothes to the big dinner.

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