Large customs control at Svinesund

Large customs control at Svinesund

The line starts at the Svinesund Bridge and stretches all the way to Norway, with the red line going to the Svinesund toll station from Google Maps' traffic perspective.

Pictures sent to Dagbladet by a freelance photographer showed the barriers below and the cars being taken for inspection.

– Yes, there is a lot of queue in the place. It appears to start at the Svinesund bridge in the middle of the border, Mikael Olsen, a transport operator at the Norwegian Road Administration, confirmed to Dagbladet.

– So why is there a queue?

– There is a buildup as traffic is diverted to the toll plaza.

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Dagbladet spoke to the freelance photographer – who took the photos on the way to Sweden and was at the time at “Systembolaget in Stömstad, Department for red wine” – and it seems that many Harry trades have stopped until Saturday.

– So there might be a lot of queue on the way back. It also adds to the story that many Danes go to Norway for their winter holidays. Therefore, there is a chance of a little extra accumulation today, he said.

At 16.10, the freelance photographer writes to Dagbladet that there is no longer a queue in Svinesund.

He says when we went home now, there was no customs control, no queue.

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