Larger drying room

Larger drying room


Editors’ Guild: Assistant Secretary-General Solveig Hosoy and General Secretary Redon Keeling Nybo write that it is refreshing to report a positive development in the armed forces on the expression front.

Something is going on in the armed forces. In the wake of the whistle-blowing cases, more and more people have dared to speak to their employer. The Minister of Defense should applaud that.

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We need brave soldiers who understand the difference between loyalty and obedience. Written by Eric Kristofferson defense forum When he took over as defense minister two years ago. The more people who openly participate in the debate in the wake of whistleblowing issues in the armed forces, the more likely the statement will be more than an appropriate quote.

“An area in which freedom of expression may have come under severe pressure in recent years is employees’ freedom of expression,” says Civil society message on the rule of law which was introduced at Arendalsuka in August on the initiative of the Norwegian Bar Association. The Norwegian Editors Association was one of the contributors to the Rule of Law report. We are deeply concerned about space for expression in large parts of Norwegian working life. With experience, the situation has tended to be worse in agencies with a strong obedience culture and little tradition of openness.

Freedom of expression in practical life

The narrow spaces of expression in practical life also caused anxiety Freedom of Expression Authority. Freedom of expression in working life was not originally part of the commission’s broad mandate, but the commission nonetheless chose to include this as an essential part of its investigation. The reason is clear. Increasing scores on reputation, communication strategies, and misunderstood loyalty are real threats to the expression space.

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Therefore, it is convenient to record a positive development in the armed forces. In a sector of society that has traditionally been obedient and enclosed, we have seen clear trends toward change lately. With the increasing number of sexual harassment reporting cases also receiving increased attention and editor-controlled media working systematically, we have seen that more and more people are choosing to speak out – as sources in the media and in the commentary fields.

to me the magazine Vice Admiral Louise Dedation says about her terrifying experience as a young student – and adds that only when the Norwegian Armed Forces realize they have a problem they can solve. to me NRK Presenter Lena Kvarving tells how she has spoken and written internally over many years without any consequences.

September 14 Publishtea Norwegian Armed Forces Forum, result of a review of 170 notification cases in the Norwegian Armed Forces from 2017 to the present day.

Prepare to listen

Lots of media sources come forward with their full names and talk about things they haven’t talked about publicly before. About system failure and lack of culture. About managers who keep their jobs and certifications despite whistleblowers. It is observed. Stavanger Aftenblad political editor Harald Birkevold writes on Facebook that nearly all parts of the public sector have something to learn from raising the bar for debate in the armed forces.

This is a welcome development. If defensive leadership now encourages more cultural change and shows that it means what it says about the greatest possible openness and willingness to listen and clean up, we can have lasting change in the interest of both. Armed Forces and the Norwegian Association of Trust and Freedom of Expression. It will certainly also contribute to a better reputation – although it should never be considered as anything more than a pleasant side effect.

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