Last day of autumn vacation: – Sunday long queues

Last day of autumn vacation: - Sunday long queues

Traffic increased on Sunday evening, especially on the E6 in the direction of Oslo.

– Today we have noticed that there is a huge gateway, and many have left the roads, says Marie Arrestot, public transport administration’s traffic operator, to Doklat.

He says it is linked to more people going home from the fall holidays this Sunday.

At 20.30 there is one more queue at E6 in Cologne in the municipality of Stanke. This is due to road works.

There is a line from Jesheim and towards Sketchmokorset in Lillestrom.

– In addition to regular traffic on the E16 from Hanifos to Sandvica, Arrestot says.

At 19.19, an hour delay was announced on E16 between H16nefoss and Sandvika.

The train tunnel was closed

Just after 5pm on Sunday, a car collided inside the Rolling Tunnel.

So the tunnel was closed for a short time in a field in the direction of Oslo.

Shortly afterwards, at 6:00 pm, a traffic accident occurred in Strand Picturegen, Elverme. Road closed for a period of time, and marked a detour via National Road 3.

– There is a little more queue on National Road 3 and E6 at Stange from Elverum because people went to the cabin, among other things, says the transport operator.

Autumn Holidays 2021

Although Akhtar, Oslo, Viken, Norland and Troms and Finmark have now completed their fall vacation this year, the autumn vacation will begin in other parts of the country.

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Inland, Murray Oak Romstall, Rockland, Trantelac, Westland and Westfold and Telemark will both start their fall holidays on Monday, October 11th.

It is not so strange that there are so many cars on the road this Sunday.

On the E18 in Dansberg, there is still heavy traffic at 20.24. However, Vegtrafikksentralen reports short delays.

The dog must be killed

Previously, a car went over a mountain in a firing wagon via Majasa Lake, and there were some traffic lanes that crossed the area before the car was saved.

The driver was taken to AHUS as he had to be tested for high speed damage.

There was a dog in the car, which unfortunately had to be killed due to injuries, police in the East wrote on Twitter.

The dog is not in a dog cage, which is highly recommended to prevent accidents.

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