Lazio Roma vs. Monza advice, forecast and quote 23.09.23 Wettbasis

Lazio Roma vs.  Monza advice, forecast and quote 23.09.23 Wettbasis

We now have more room to visit Lazio Rome in the Serie Table on the street at 15. Platz. The Biancocelesti have lost their first four league games, but what is even more curious is that they have lost their first four league games. They also receive information from SSC Napoli in 2:1-Sieg. Now, with the Biancorossi, comes a potential Astiegsanwärter player at the Olympic Stadium. On the other hand, with Lazio and Roma against Monza, there is hope for a home win for the Capitals.


Last season, Laziale scored six points against Monza, but Maurizio Sarri’s team remained scoreless in both matches. After all, the rest of the Lombardei saisonübergreifend nur eines ihretzeten sieben Pflichtspiele gewonnenen haben (one draw, five defeats), weshalb in unseren Augen bei Lazio Rom gegen Monza, the diagnosis is clear in Richtung der Hausherren auschlägt.

Lazio Roma – Monza Quote | 3 most important tips

Wetquoten platform: 21.09.2023, at 16:56

The Monza goes überdies ersatzgeschwächt in this complex Auswärtsspiel. The Biancorossi Ben goalkeeper Michele Di Gregorio (team captain) should be there and should not be on the night Experienced goalkeeper Luca Caldirola (Yellow – Red – Spur) failed to make up for it one way or another, der beim jüngsten 1:1 in Lecce die Ampelkarte sah. This was not the case at all, as Lombardy was eyeing the Olympic Stadium.

It is appropriate that the Tipp 1 lists have also decreased significantly due to the three smaller defeats to Lazio, so in betting on Lazio to win Roma at home, we find a strong proportion of risk, probability of entry and possibility of winning. We have been in the italian Spielklasse in the past so many years, and found in the entire Info article 5. Serie A game.

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Italy Lazio Roma – statistics and current form

Società Sportiva Lazio has already won two Italian League titles and seven Italian Cups. Die Biancocelesti sind überdies der Gesamtsieger vom Europepokal der Pokalsieger 1999. However, in the past year, no other title has come to it.

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In der Serie A reichte es imphin mal wieder for the Vizemeisterschaft, mit der die Aquile (zu Deutsch: die Adler) auch das Startrecht for the UEFA Champions League erhielten. During the week in the return match against Atletico Madrid, goalkeeper Ivan Providel, who appeared in the second half of the match, caused a head-to-head match with the final score ending at 1:1. Hit, where there is Potenzial zur Olizundung.

Just three points out of a possible twelve from the first four league games

While the last-minute match against the Colchoneros could be called durch als Erfolgverbucht werden, lief es in der Serie A bei Weitem nicht so erfolglich. Under Maurizio Sarri, the Capitals lost their first two league matches to Lecce (1:2) and Aufsteiger Genoa (0:1) and Schlitterten’s team made a false start.

Visitors konnte Lazio Roma worst defeat before Länderspielpause against defending champion Napoli Paim 2:1-Auswärtssieg in Campania Nothing Last week, the Biancocelesti benefited from their 1:3 defeat to Juventus of Torino. Unterm Stretch stehen damit nur drei von möglichen Punkten zu Buche.

Last season with two wins over Monza

Despite this, Lazio beat Monza in the direction of Aquile, which had not lost a match against the visitors from Lombardy since 1986, as well as last season, with two 0-0 victories and a total of six points against the Biancorossi.

Steigern muss der Hauptstadtklub dennochen in allen Belangen. Einerseits sind vier eriztelte Tore aus vier Ligaspielen natürlich deutlich zu wenig, alongside the outstanding goalkeeper Ciro Immobile in 338 goals in the 2023/24 season is no longer successful. Another emphasizes that players should have more self-defense, as the work is done with gold.

Expected lineup of Lazio Roma:

Banned and banned players from Lazio Roma:

Lazio Roma’s previous matches:

Italy Monza – statistics and current form

Associazione Calcio Monza was promoted in the summer of 2022 for the first time in the club’s history in the Italian League, after the Lombard club had previously returned to Serie B after a 19-year absence in 2020.

Under Raffaele Paladino, the Biancorossi surprisingly managed to establish themselves even in the country’s top league with a strong return of 52 Zählern eventually finishing as the 11th best scorer in the final table. If one of them had won their last two league games and not lost, Monza would currently be playing in the Conference League.

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video: It offers all the latest premium, forward-flowing sporting experience and useful tips for playing in the English Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and even around the world. (Source: YouTube/WetBases)

Auswärts noch punkt- und torlos in the 2023/24 season

Exactly this was true for nun Brianzoli anzuknüpfen. However, in the first four league matches of the still young season, only one win was achieved. At their own stadium, the Biancorossi won a possible six points, while losing the previous two matches away from home.

In the Lombard confrontation between Inter Milan (0:2) and Atalanta Bergamo (0:3), Rafael Palladino’s side remained unbeaten. Overall, there is no AC Monza Fünf der saisonübergreifend Letzten sieben Pflichtspiele lost (One win, one draw).

In the first round, Toure scored in the first four days of the match

Under a bad star On the other hand, Lazio Roma vs. Monza, calculated at the Stadio Olimpico in the Eternal City, is expected to be able to end the recent drought in foreign sites, especially since several players have fallen for good performances. -Known injury, now also the lock from routinierten Innenverteidiger Luca Caldirola kommt.

Once mit 32-Jährigen gab es beiichlich drei eigen erzigelten Toren beiits sechs gegentreffer in vier Ligaspielen, he did not have a great omen dafür ist dass die Brianzoli bei den Laziali besten können.

Expected lineup for Monza:

Verletzte and Gesperrte Spieler von Monza:

Monza’s last matches:

Unser Lazio Roma – Monza TEP Quotenvergleich 23.09.2023 – 1/X/2

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Lazio Roma – Monza Direct Verglic / H2H-Blanz

Face to face: 7 – 8 – 5

In the first 20 matches, both the starting teams and Lazio Roma were involved in a direct confrontation with their sieges. Only in the 2022/23 season did the Biancocelesti win both the Hinal and the Rückspiel against the Biancorossi. Monza’s last victory in this confrontation dates back to April 1986.

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Highlights statistics for Italy Lazio Roma x Monza Italy

Wettbasis-Forecast & Italy Lazio Roma – Monza Italy Hint

This may be the case with Lazio Rome in Monza unsere Prognosis from Home in the Biancocelesti, die What letzte saison Die fullen Sechs Punkte gegen die Lombarden Hollow. There has been heaps of great momentum in the industry since her first tournament. On the Biancorossi, die saisonübergreifend fünf der Letzten sieben Pflichtspiele verloren haben (one win, one draw), however it cannot be claimed.

Key Facts – Lazio Roma vs. Monza advice

  • Lazio Roma has lost its first four league matches of the 2023/24 season (win)
  • Monza has won only one of the last seven victories in Pflichtspiele during the season (1-1-5).
  • Last season, Lazio held the full six points against Monza and Bleep, both Malé-Uni-Gigentur

We are here to help you and your loved ones, including the house of Maurizio Sarri who has the Gast of Lombardei and his home in Wigenstadt. Some items from Heimsieg can be usedThere is also a tab on the Blick screen.

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Italy Lazio Roma vs. Monza Italy – Best Italian League quote


victory Lazio Rome: 1.85 @Bowen
Unentschieden: 3.80 @Bet365
Italy victory Monza: 4.30 @Interwetten

Quote-Wahreschlichkeiten für Sieg Lazio Rome / Unentschieden / Sieg Monza:

Italy Lazio Roma – Monza Italy – Wettquoten * & More interesting Wetten im Überblick:

Uber/under 2.5 rip
Over 2.5 Rip: 1.90 @Bet365
Under 2.5 Rip: 1.90 @Bet365

Meeting of the two teams
Yes: 1.80 @Bet365
No: 1.95 @Bet365

Wetquoten platform: 21.09.2023, at 16:56

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