local weather | Meteorologist: – It is not excluded that summer will pass

local weather |  Meteorologist: - It is not excluded that summer will pass

Autumn is now creeping up on parts of the country. Many places are characterized by bathing and autumnal mood. But part of the country is looking brighter.

It was the last week of summer vacation Characterized by autumn temperatures In large parts of the country. The Institute of Meteorology can announce that it’s still looking quite gray for this week, too.

The great low pressure on Sweden will ensure the autumn mood in large parts of the country.

– This low pressure from Sweden gives us weather with unpredictable showers, says meteorologist on duty at the Meteorological Institute, Julie Solsvik Fagan to Nettavisen.

Unexpected weather type

There are no danger warnings for this week. The north of the country is characterized by cloudy weather, and there will be lighter cloud cover in the west.

On Monday afternoon, southern and eastern Norway will experience showers, especially in the outdoors.

– This really applies to most of the country, says the meteorologist.

She says it’s hard to say what kind of weather will rule this week.

– Such rain during the summer period is difficult. It is not easy to warn with a point warning on Yr. In the hot months, fluctuations or steam occurs, which causes the air to rise.

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It is difficult to know exactly where the rain will fall.

– This shower can fall in Drammen as in Oslo, says the meteorologist.

She explains it figuratively:

If you imagine a pot of boiling water flowing, you will never know where the bubbles will come from. It is usual for such a low pressure to come now.

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gray look

Tuesday will be almost the same as the first day of the week. At the same time, it looks good for surlandet.

– Here many can expect more than 20 degrees and summer weather.

She believes that in eastern Norway something will be provided for bathing, because the area is more protected.

Low pressure from Sweden will dominate. With the weekend approaching, the weather is hard to predict, but eastern Norway in particular looks set to settle on a lot of rain, the meteorologist believes.

She can say for sure:

– During this week, everyone will probably have had some rain.

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Is autumn coming?

The meteorologist is in Tromsø. Here she is experiencing that autumn has crept in.

Nordland, Troms and Finnmark have autumn temperatures of about 10 degrees, and also lower than this.

– We have discussed when autumn will come in Norway. But it’s still hot in August and September, so we can’t quite omit any hot summer evenings just yet, says Solsvik Vagani.

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