Lynn Alexandra: – It is important that the diagnosis is normal

Lynn Alexandra: - It is important that the diagnosis is normal

influencer Lisa Inkerman (32) He has created an impressive career in social media with over 200,000 followers on Instagram and a thriving YouTube channel. She was also seen in the reality series “Lisa and Henrique” in which she participated Fiancé Henrik Borg (28).

The 32-year-old has been very open to her followers about tough times in life, and last year revealed that Suffers from a skin disease.

In March, the influencer was also able to tell that she had begun the process of investigating ADHD, which was supposed to fall into bad soil with fans.

ready soon: In two short months, he’ll be ready for the wedding of Lisa Ankermann and Henrik Borg. Now the tension starts to show. Reporter: Ken Falch. Video: Thea Hope / The Red Carpet
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– Junk too!

Last month, Anckarman shared a video on the entertainment app TikTok. In the video, the influencer shared the initial phase of her ADHD assessment, and in the text she explained that the video was in collaboration with a clinic for ADHD and ADHD assessment.

ADHD is a condition of poor attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that begins in childhood and often lasts a lifetime, according to Lumleggen.

After the video, the influencer received a lot of references for the collaboration, and many of her followers described the video as “spam” and “disrespectful”.

Many also respond that words such as “autism” and “ADHD” are used as the subject of the video. The tag “Autism” was later removed from the post. Anckarman’s followers also wonder how the influencer got hold of the report in the first place.

“How did you get a report when there is cooperation?” The user asks in the comments section of the TikTok video.

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Another wrote: “Others don’t get a report despite the obvious symptoms because they think: ‘I can still do it’…Imagine if you were an influencer and you could collaborate on a special treatment.”

Open: On an episode of “An Night at Kloppen,” TV and actor Håvard Lilleheie revealed that he had ADHD as an adult. Photo: TV 2
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responds to criticism

In the wake of the storm of criticism, Ankerman took to Instagram to answer followers’ questions. In an Instagram post, she chose to share the background of collaborating with the clinic.

“For those of you who are wondering how I can present my report as a paid collaboration: I don’t get a penny for a report – on the contrary, I receive a bill from Nina Psychology,” Anckarman wrote in the post. in addition to:

“This is not a paid collaboration, but rather an ambassador as I allow you to join me in my study to destigmatize ADHD in women.”

See and Hear has been in contact with Nina Psychology who does not want to comment on the case.

– Importance

Among those diagnosed with ADHD is former lifestyle coach and singer Lynn Alexandra Owen. It was a Opening up about the disease on social mediaIt does not hide the challenges it brings.

To Se og Hør You advocate for Anckarman’s video, while at the same time supporting the dissemination of knowledge about diagnosis.

I think it’s positive that more focus is placed on ADHD and that more people gain knowledge so that more people can get help. Unfortunately, there is often a long wait. I think it’s positive that there are also opportunities for investigation in private by those who can or wish to prioritize a faster investigation, Owen wrote in an SMS.

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Despite criticism, she believes Ankarman’s intention was to help others by sharing the message in the video.

Dramatically: It got exciting when real-life couple Lisa Ankermann and Henrik Borg were on Christmas holidays in Thailand. Lisa was taken to the hospital, and now we finally get to see what really happened on their YouTube series “Lisa & Henrik.” Video: “Lisa and Henrik” / Stephen Petersen
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– I have the impression that Lisa had a good intention and that she wanted to help. Remember that no matter how people experience it on the outside – everyone has a story. People are people and we all do our best based on our assumptions — whether the effects are or not, she continues, adding:

– Whether or not she got a good one I think is not important in this context. What is important is that knowledge about ADHD is shared, that diagnoses are normal, and that taboos are broken down. The more people who get help, the better.

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