Man hospitalized after boat capsizes in Gwynedd

Man hospitalized after boat capsizes in Gwynedd

The crew on board the Fjord1 pulled the man out of the sea.

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At 5.47pm, police were informed that a boat had been observed lying upside down in the sea at Årsnes ferry quay in Kvinnherad.

A rescue operation was launched there and resources from all emergency services were dispatched.

A lifeless person was rescued from the sea. Life-saving first aid was administered at the scene.

Flew to the hospital

At 18.55 the man was taken to Haukeland, operations manager Dan Erik Johannessen tells BT.

Meanwhile, the police are searching for the said boat. The complainant must have seen it, but the police have yet to find out.

The operations manager adds that police are trying to determine how long the man was in the water. Police said no one saw the boat capsize.

There is no doubt that many others are involved in this incident.

– The boat crew woke the man up

Route 1 of the ferry connection Gjermundshamn-Vraldsøy-Arsnes has been canceled due to the rescue operation. At 19.10 the police said that it is now a normal operation for the connection.

The main rescue center at Sola coordinated the rescue operation.

Rescue manager Siv Namorg said the crew on the Fjord1 boat “Sildafjord” pulled the man out of the water.

– Namork says that they signed and were the best source.

Monitoring data from Marine Traffic indicated that the boat interrupted its normal course at around 18.09 and drifted slowly in the area outside the Arsnes boat harbor.

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According to Namork, the lifeless man was reportedly found near the Arsnes ferry dock.

He says they were informed about the incident at 5.48 pm.

– The message, Namork says, is that a boat is lying upside down, from which a man fished earlier, and that they have not been able to find that man.

According to Namork it must have been a small boat.

A major rescue operation

Coastal radio sent a warning to all ships in the area.

According to Namorq, an ambulance and local fire brigade should have arrived at the scene first.

An ambulance and a fire boat were sent to Årsnes, as well as the “Sildafjord” boat and a boat from a fish farm.

An air ambulance took off from Bergen with divers, while a rescue helicopter took off from Sola.

Tracking data from Flyradar 24 shows that Sir Queen's rescue helicopter arrived in the area at around 18.40. At about 18.50 it set sail for Bergen, arriving at Haagland ten minutes later.

At 18.48, Namorg reported that all rescue resources except the rescue helicopter had been ruled out.

– Help requested

Tor Kristoffersen, regional manager at Fjord1, confirms their participation in the cruise operation.

– Requested to assist in rescue operation regarding overturned pleasure boat.

He has yet to speak to the crew on board.

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