Kurawak vaccine target – loses policy

Cureneville’s corona vaccine candidate CVN Govi ​​missed the statistical goals in the second interim analysis. The dubbing-based company announced this in a mandatory announcement at night. “In a previously unprecedented environment with at least 13 variants in the subgroup of participants studied in this interim analysis, CVNCOV achieved a preliminary efficacy of 47 percent against COVID-19 disease of any severity, thus failing to meet certain statistical success criteria in the United States.” The stock fell more than 50 percent after hourly trading.

Preliminary analyzes show that efficacy depends on the age tested and the strain of the virus. The Data Security Monitoring Board (DSMP) has confirmed a good security profile and the study will continue until final analysis. The first generation vaccine candidate is in the final stages of clinical development. The initial interim analysis revealed no security concerns. Kurewak works with Bayer.

For a long time, Kurewak was considered one of the beacons of hope in the highly competitive international race for the approval of the first corona vaccines. Although the vaccine has been administered for months by many competitors around the world, the Dupingan-based company continues to collect data – recently pushing back shareholders and viewers. The Kurawak vaccine candidate has long been in the final and therefore 2B / 3 review phase related to approval.

Until early June the company expected – based on clinical research data – approval of its vaccine candidate in the EU at least in the second quarter. But it was soon announced that the proceedings would be further delayed.

The European Union has received up to 405 million doses of the Kurawak vaccine. In Germany, the Ministry of Health recently announced that the drug would be included in the vaccine campaign only after approval. The delivery of 1.4 million vaccines was canceled this quarter. Chancellor Angela Merkel backed the company last Thursday due to delays.

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Curaao CEO Franz-Werner Haas announced that they expect strong results in the interim analysis. But continue the current study until the final analysis. “Final performance may still change.” SPD health expert Carl Lauterbach tweeted: “It’s a shame, the team from Dubingen deserves to win.” (16.06.2021)

Less money for pharmacies for digital vaccination records

Federal Health Minister Jens Spann wants to reduce the pay of pharmacies for generating digital corona vaccine certificates. Since July, the CDU politician announced during a discussion with his country colleagues on Wednesday that the German newspaper company had learned from participants that a certificate should cost six euros instead of the current 18 euros. So initially high-paying training will help finance start-up costs for IT equipment and records, and create benefits for citizens in as many places as possible. The numbers for the first two days in pharmacies showed that it was successful.

In total, more than ten million digital vaccination certificates have been generated in all offices now, according to the SAP report. Digital evidence should be provided immediately after the second vaccination at vaccination centers and practices. Since Monday, many pharmacies have been able to do this. More than 10,000 pharmacies participated, Span said. He was pleasantly surprised about it. The EU-wide accepted digital source is a voluntary addition to the yellow paper vaccination book, which is still valid. (16.06.2021)

Biotech reduces supply volume

Vaccine maker Biotech will bring vaccine supplies to Germany back to the agreed level next month after a high pass in June. “Biotech delivered more than 50 million cans to Germany in the second quarter, thus violating the agreement,” a spokesman for the German press company said. “We will provide higher doses in June than previously agreed to support and accelerate vaccination campaigns in Europe and Germany.” In the third quarter and in July, the number of cans will be delivered as agreed under the contract.

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The Federal Ministry of Health emphasized that the company had received significantly higher vaccine levels in June, “with an early delivery from the following quarters.” However, it is always clear that the total amount provided by Biotech will decrease in the third quarter and the total will decrease by 40.2 million compared to more than 50 million in the second quarter. The federal ministry estimates an average of 3.3 million biotech vaccines per week in the third quarter. (16.06.2021)

The federal government pays 1.7 billion euros for civilian trials

The federal government has spent about 1.7 billion euros since the start of free civil trials against Corona in Germany. It is based on figures from the Federal Office of Social Security and the Ministry of Health. This means costs are in the range previously considered. In February, the government expected 1. 1.7 to 6 2.6 billion in four months. According to new data, 1. 1.2 million was spent on corona tests from mid-May to mid-June alone, including PCR tests for contact persons. (16.06.2021)

RKI: More than 90,000 corona deaths

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), there are now more than 90,000 Govt 19 deaths reported in Germany. This number was issued on Wednesday as 90 074. RKI calculates those who die directly from the corona and those who have suffered from previous illnesses, for which the cause of death cannot be clarified as Govt-19 death. At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, more than 1,000 deaths were reported in just a few days.

The infection rate is currently declining. RKI on Wednesday presented seven-day events across the country at 13.2 (previous day: 15.5; previous week: 20.8). The value was last low on September 25 (13.0). On June 16 last year, the event was 2.6 – after which it stayed for a few weeks to three weeks.

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Health officials in Germany currently detect 1455 new corona infections a day in RKI. By comparison: a week ago it was worth 3254 infections. The nationwide seven-day R-value was 0.72 as of Tuesday afternoon (previous day: 0.77) according to the RKI status report. This means that 100 victims will theoretically affect another 72 people. The R-value indicates infection 8 to 16 days before. If it is below 1 for a long time, the infection process slows down; If it continues to be high, the number of cases increases. (16.06.2021)

Lotterback expects problems due to delta variation in the fall

SPD health politician Carl Lauterbach expects the so-called delta variant of the corona virus to cause more epidemics in Germany again in the fall. “I firmly believe we will get the Delta variant in Germany as well,” Lotterbach said on the Tuesday evening TV show “RPP Special”. So far, variation from India has occurred only to a small extent in Germany.

A new study from the University of Oxford shows that the climate of this variant is more pronounced than previously thought: in the summer, the risk of infection is much lower, Lauterbach explained. But it is highly contagious, leads to a very severe course, and is somewhat resistant to the first vaccine. “But by then I hope many of us will be double-vaccinated. There will never be such a big wave again.”

Against this background, Lauterbach called for children to be vaccinated. “Especially with the delta variant, we’ve seen one per cent of affected children in the UK become seriously ill and they need to be hospitalized. It’s no small matter.” (16.06.2021)

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