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Marius Roth Christensen Stjernekamp 02.10.21 (foto tatt på generalprøven).

Tonight hip-hop and Eurovision were on the Star Wars roster, and participants were in everything from Heavy Water to Dschinghis Khan. This was the first time that all artists tried rap.

But despite the evening of joy and fun, it was Marius Ruth Christensen who had to leave Stjernekamp for the night.

Ruth Christensen with Karina Dahl and Gordon Stiansen got the fewest votes tonight.

“I’m certainly not a fan of hip-hop,” he said on Tonight Radio when he came out.

He remains happy with his own efforts and proud to be a part of Star Wars.

– Of course it’s hard to get out, but I’m halfway there and I’m happy about that. This was the opportunity I had to show I knew something I couldn’t do, but completely didn’t hear about, Ruth Christensen tells NRK.

Although the hip-hop part didn’t go as well as required for the guitarist, he got a six on the group assignment.

– Maybe we can do it as a hangout the next time Eurovision is in Norway, laughs.

high roll of dice

Hip-hop night is often an embarrassment to many stars, but this year both judges and reviewers have been impressed by the evening’s effort.

– It was actually a lot of good hip-hop tonight, and at the end Marius Ruth Christensen was smoking. It actually sounds quite right, says music critic Espen Borg, NRK’s ​​music critic, but he should have been praised for his massive competition effort.

He gave high dice rolls tonight, but only six, to Alexandra Rutan. Karina Dahl, Heidi Rode Ellingen and Björn Tomrin roll five dice. Marius Ruth Christensen and Goron Stiansen had the lowest dice rolls of the evening, which was four.

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Alexandra Rutan broke hearts last week and opened her hip-hop party tonight by announcing her win with “All I Do Is Win” by Khaled, T Payne, Ludacris, Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg.

Rotan’s biggest challenge before tonight’s show was whether she would be able to rap and dance at the same time, but the judges were impressed.

You are absolutely cruel,” said educator and judge this week, Andre Hadland, aka the artist as Son of Light.

The second hip-hop song was Goron Stiansen who sparked outrage in her interpretation of Missy Elliott’s 2001 song, “Get Ur Freak On”.

Stiansen’s voice was still characterized by the “stalking bass,” as she calls it, so tonight should focus only on “flow” and good mood.

– This was a music video and I totally agree with it. Judge Mona B.

In deep water

Host Kåre Magnus Bergh introduces third man, Marius Ruth Christensen, as the artist in the deepest waters tonight. The rock guitarist said the same earlier this week.

Tonight he took us to the “Wild West” with his version of “California Love” by 2Pac, Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman.

You are cruel to line up in Paris and do this here. It felt like you were in a role a little bit, but it was a very good effort,” said judge and rapper Jørgen Nordeng of the group Tungtvann.

Mentor Hadland agreed with Nording in the song selection, but was still impressed with the effort.

– Ruth Christensen himself said of the performance: – It was Marius who sang hip-hop and I’m so glad I tried it.

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Full yodeler flap

Bjorn Tommerin finally made his mark with his interpretation of the ’90s-inspired AFRO and Marco Polo song “Long Time Coming”. According to Hadland’s mentor, he chose the hardest song and named it “Yeast Clean”. Despite the difficult choice, it was still a complete flap.

– Everything was fine, according to Judge B.

“You are a unique person and artist,” Hadland said.

– You are the coolest artist I’ve seen tonight, Nordeng snuck up on us.

The only Norwegian hip-hop song was introduced by Narvikingen, Heidi Ruud Ellingsen. Not surprisingly, she chose to interpret the North Norwegian hip-hop group Tungtvann and “(Æ gir mæ nu) Faen”.

– I just have to go “everything,” otherwise it would be awkward,” Rod Ellingsen said before she went on stage and according to the judges, this performance wasn’t awkward.

– That was incredibly good and it was you. “You made it your song and I think it was really cool,” said Nording, who made the song.

The hip-hop portion of the evening ended with Karina Dahl’s interpretation of Eminem and Rihanna’s “The Monster” from 2013. The song is about battling inner demons, something Dahl says she has experience with. For her, this song was difficult and she was very afraid of it in advance.

Judge B.

The best I’ve seen in my entire life

Also set for a group assignment tonight, the artists were scheduled to translate the two popular Eurovision Song Contest songs.

The first group that came out were Marius, Bjorn and Karina who took us back to 1979 and the historical song “Dschinghis Khan” by German Dschinghis Khan.

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There was a lot of German texts to learn here, and the group was a little unsure of the pronunciation and content beforehand, but with a wiggleable wig and a bit of vocalization and singing, there was laughter and applause from the judges.

– It’s the best I’ve seen in my entire life, according to guest judge Marte Stokstad.

– Hell of Silver

Alexandra, Heidi and Guron recreated the crazy song “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” by Ukrainian Verka Serduchka in 2007. A trilingual song with a lot of choreography. Dressed in silver suits and disco balls, there was, to put it mildly, a good atmosphere in the studio during this performance.

The judges were silent after the intense show and everyone wanted to watch it again.

– Hell of silver she named Mona B. Rice.

TIX guest judges wanted to see it during the reboot because it was a lot to watch.

Next Saturday will be Latin pop music and the following shows. In the meantime, you can continue Near the stars:

In Near the Stars, we follow the daily lives and preparations of artists who are constantly facing new challenges in Star Wars week after week.

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