Marna Haugen, celebrity | Marna Haugen has a boyfriend: – I feel better during the day

Marna Haugen, celebrity |  Marna Haugen has a boyfriend: – I feel better during the day

In December 2021, Marna Haugen (42) and Ørjan Burøe (48) can confirm that they belong.

Haugen and Burøe married in 2013, after ten years of dating, and have two sons together. Now it may seem like love is blossoming for the chief.

It was during a Q&A on Instagram that Hagan revealed that she was no longer living the single life.

In a video of Instagram’s Story activation, the 42-year-old is asked by a friend behind the camera if she’s single, to which Hagan replies, “No.”

Watch the video here (Instagram: @Marnahaugen):

In the next story, he writes, “I won’t say more than that, but it’s very nice during the day.”

Nettavisen has tried to contact Marna Haugen, but has yet to receive a response.

Broke after a month

Ex-husband Pro can reveal that he found love in April. Luck turned around shortly after, and the comedian revealed that they had already split in May.

Among other things, he confirmed the breach to Netavision and said at the time that it was relatively recent.

– We haven’t been lovers for so long, so it’s relatively new for both of us, he told Netavisen in May.

However, she did not comment on the reason behind the split.

The influencer has previously opened up about her dating life, and revealed that she started dating in an interview with Netavisen in December:

He sold the house below the asking price

The former couple also owned a separate house in Skye, which they had been trying to sell since May last year. Burøe can express on Instagram That the house was finally sold.

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However, they sold the ski house for less than the asking price. This is shown in the documentation that Nettavisen has access to. The house was initially listed with an asking price of NOK 11,480,000. It was then re-released in May this year with a lower price of 9.6 million.

In the end, the house would have sold for $9.45 million, Haugen said.

They purchased the home together in 2017 for $6.7 million, but the former couple has since renovated the home.

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