Mascorma, shall we dance? ‘Maskorama’ smash ‘Shall We Dance’: Many people have seen the premiere

Mascorma, shall we dance?  ‘Maskorama’ smash ‘Shall We Dance’: Many people have seen the premiere

The premiere of “Maskorama” was watched by 937,000 Norwegians on Saturday, according to figures sent by NRK to Nettavisen.

NRK’s ​​project editor, Jan Egil Aadland, is satisfied.

– This should be called a grand opening for Mascorama, and it bodes well for the continuation, says Aadland in a comment on the numbers.

But last year, “Mascorama” attracted an additional 79,000 viewers for the first episode, and despite the good numbers, there was a decrease compared to last year.

– Too many fanatics at work

While 755,000 watched the premiere on NRK, 182,000 have watched it so far on NRKTV Player. The latter, according to Adland, represents a notable increase – and they hope more people will continue to tune in this week.

– Although “Maskorama” is a big live event, the audience will also enjoy it throughout the rest of the weekend and hopefully into the week, says the project editor, adding that it is good to work on the new “Maskorama”. – the chapter.

– I’m very happy that costume designer Kjell Nordstrøm continues to perform at the highest level, that the new detectives have found their place and that the production company Monster is putting on such a strong show! Here, there are many fanatics working for the NRK audience, concludes Jan Egil Odland with satisfaction.

increases – but he lost the TV battle

On the other hand, the final of “Shall We Dance” on rival channel TV 2 was attended by 633,000 viewers on Saturday evening.

This is an increase from 587,000 viewers last year. Figures from TV 2 show that the program has generally increased in recent years. An average of 589,000 viewers watched the entire season, compared to 540,000 viewers last year.

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TV 2’s Program Editor and Content Strategy Manager, Trygve Rønningen, is happy with the increase.

– Viewers love “Shall We Dance” and it’s great that the finale and viewing numbers for the entire season are up from last year. It’s been a fantastic season – in fact the best in terms of viewership since 2020, so there are a lot to be thankful for today, Ronning says of this year’s season and sums up:

– Participants who gave everything throughout the fall for the presenters, judges, the internal forces of TV 2 and not least all the participants from the production company Nordisk Banjay.

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