Meteorologist: Winter cold is coming now – V.G

Meteorologist: Winter cold is coming now – V.G
Cold: Temperatures are expected to drop to -20 to -25 degrees in colder areas next week.

Those who don’t do everything: Find gloves, shoes and a hat. Over the next few days, the winter chill is headed for double-digit minus degrees.

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Terje Alsvik Vallo, meteorologist on duty, thinks so Winter cold A better term to use to describe the weather in large parts of the country over the coming days.

Mountain crossing: Hemsedalsfjellet Saturday morning 3 December. There is a relatively thin layer of snow on the mountain pass between east and west, where highway 52 runs between Cole in Vigen and Lardal in Westland.

On the second Sunday of Advent, during the first week, the Met Office predicts that degrees will drop below zero.

– Cold air will spread towards the south. A cold northerly wind will bring some precipitation, snow at first during this period, mostly rain in coastal areas. But then Vallo tells VG that minus degrees will slowly but surely come through the week.

State meteorologist: Terje Alsvik Vallo took the photo during the wind.

However, a possible white from above will drop in the week, and the state meteorologist will not suggest to anyone like his colleagues in the neighboring country – It will be a white Christmas in Sweden.

— No, I dare not imagine it in any way. But the weather forecaster makes it clear that next weekend will see colder temperatures in the interior with a maximum of minus ten.

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No freezing cold

– Blasting cold?

– No, that’s a bit of a strong word. Winter cold is a very broad term, answers the seasoned Wally.

Let’s take a closer look at comprehensive weather services Nice one, Jaffa And StormThen Sunday evening inside the capital is 3 to 4 minus degrees.

Mountain Crossing: E6 in Saltfjellett on Saturday morning. The mountain range in Nordland separates Helgeland and Salton.

Next Thursday and Friday will be very cold Oslo area minus 6-8. But it looks like the snow is not coming yet. According to today’s forecast, it will only snow in the capital on Saturday in a week.

Bar Asphalt in Oslo: Snow in central Oslo on Saturday morning, December 3, 2022, a little reminder of pre-Christmas and winter. The picture was taken from CJ Humbro’s place in front of the Oslo courthouse.

constant cold

In the capital of western Norway Bergen Rain, drizzle and/or snow is possible on Monday and/or Tuesday. There, too, minus degrees will enter, with lows of minus 3 to minus 5 degrees on Wednesday.

IN Trondheim This weekend will see wintry temperatures of minus 6 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. After a short period of sub-zero temperatures and some precipitation early in the week, the wintry cold will settle in late next week.

IN Tromso After clear weather on Sunday, the forecast calls for rain/rain and additional temperatures early next week. Next Sunday the minus degrees will slowly but surely drop to minus 10 to minus 13 degrees.

B.S : It will be slippery on Sunday and forecasters on Twitter have issued a yellow snow warning. In the coastal and central areas of Nordmøre and Trøndelag, the rain is expected to freeze to snow on the ground. Snow is expected in inland and higher elevations. Snow can be difficult to see, so drive carefully, recommended.

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