– Misleading idea – VG

- Misleading idea - VG
The world of ideology: Alexander Dugin in 2016.

Alexander Dugin, one of Russia’s most influential ideologists, has been referred to as the “Putin Mind”. However, there is little to suggest that it is in fact, according to the researcher.


He is considered one of the theorists behind the new Eurasian ideology, says Professor Geir Flick of the University of Oslo.

He has Russia and Ukraine as his areas of expertise.

From night to Sunday The daughter of Alexander Dugin Dargina Dugina (29) died, After a car explodes outside Moscow late Saturday night. Belarusian media, Nexta TV, reported that Dugin is in hospital after the explosion, but his condition is unknown.

The front figure of Eurasianism

As Flick has already explained, he is one of the leading figures of Neo-Eurasianism.

A supporter of the ideas that the Western world is in decline, and that Russia is the new dominant and global power.

Dugin also claims that Russia is incompatible with Western liberal democracy, and that Russia must subjugate all of Europe and Asia in a huge empire.

Daughter: Darja Dogina was a political editor and analyst. She was also the daughter of the famous theorist Alexandre Dogani.

Eurasianism arose in the 1920s, while Neo-Eurasianism developed after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Dugin among others being at the fore.

Dugin was a self-contained business. Flick says he has published several books since the end of the 1990s.

In one of Dugin’s 1997 books – “Geopolitikens Fundament”He writes about how Russia should set out to gain more power in the world. He also taught at Moscow State University, among other things, but was expelled after making violent statements about Ukraine.

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Misleading idea

Dugin’s ideology is, among other things, to assert that Russia is dominant over the Asian continent, Flick explains. It has become Described as “Putin’s brain”Ukrainian author, media researcher and expert John Versyth disagrees.

– it’s not. There is no indication that Putin has read Dugin.

– Perhaps the best thing about Dugin is to market himself, and to talk about his importance. This means that Dugin likely presented himself as such.

Author: John Firsyth is an author and media researcher who has written a book on Russia, among others.

Flick doubts Dugin’s influence on the Russian president.

– It’s a somewhat misleading idea in many ways. What characterizes Russian politics, on the contrary, is Putin’s isolation. It is therefore difficult to determine who provides the basis for the political issues discussed in the Kremlin today.

Dugin no longer plays the same role he once had, Færseth explains.

– Dugin is “was”. He had a given name in Russia. He became a professor and lecturer in academies and universities. So quite a few people have been exposed to Dugin. Additionally, he played a role in the Russian-led uprising in eastern Ukraine in 2014.

But he was no longer popular later that year, and he was also fired from work as a professor. Versyth believes his influence today is probably minimal, although he still had connections with the powerful oligarchy.

He followed in his father’s footsteps

On his way home from a literary festival in the village of Zakharovo outside Moscow, the explosion occurred on Saturday evening. Dugina worked as a journalist and political analyst and in recent years worked with his father.

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She may have been someone who largely followed in her father’s footsteps and was on the cusp of becoming more active in the political arena, says Flick.

Both were punished by many Western countries.

Shared photo: Denis Pushlin, the Russian-backed separatist leader in Donetsk, posted photos of Darga Dugina on Telegram after her death.

– She was referred to as a true Russian patriot who was on her way to making herself more prominent in political and public life. She has made a number of controversial and hyperactive statements about Ukraine, including by claiming that the Bucha massacre was orchestrated.

Russia has accused Ukraine of being behind the attack, and there has also been speculation about whether the father was the real target. Ukraine, for its part, denies any connection to the attack.

Færseth believes it is unlikely that Ukraine was behind the attack.

– I find it hard to imagine. Dugin has no political or military role in Russia.

UiO professor Pål Kolstø also believes that it is highly unlikely that Ukraine was behind the attack.

– Dogen might be the target. But I wonder what the Ukrainians will gain from such an attack. Things are not going well in the West, on which they depend for war support.

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