Mobile, News | Large differences in prices: – Large amounts that you can spend on other bills

Mobile, News |  Large differences in prices: – Large amounts that you can spend on other bills

(The newspaper online🙂 In the past, choosing a mobile subscription was very difficult for the price conscious.

But after the inclusion of SMS and voice in the vast majority of mobile subscriptions, 5-digit numbers have almost disappeared – and BankID on mobile is about to be phased out. In practice, there is only one thing that mobile operators compete with: the price of the amount of data.

Other than data, most subscriptions offer roughly the same experience, although subscriptions are sometimes enhanced with more or less useful additional services. The exception is that some are traveling in places where one operator has slightly better coverage than another.

At the same time, there can sometimes be limitations behind low prices or expensive additional services.

– Good hourly pay for making agreements

Nettavisen has reviewed the prices of mobile subscriptions for different uses, and it is clear that there are very large differences in prices. Almost no matter what type of consumption you have, you can save thousands of SEK per year by choosing the right one.

per user.

For a family, it will be much more than that.

On average, it’s the relatively small companies that offer the best prices, while the best-known major players are conspicuous by their absence from the top lists.

Consumer economist Cecilie Tvetenstrand at Storebrand believes there are many people stuck with unnecessarily expensive contracts:

It is important to be an informed consumer. There are probably more people with expensive subscriptions than necessary, simply because you sleep too little during class. Everyday life happens and it’s easy to procrastinate and overlook financial matters. It can be a good hourly wage to sit down and review agreements and consumption. All fixed-term agreements, not just mobile subscriptions, Tvetenstrand tells Nettavisen.

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– Compare services and prices, and don’t overpay for your appointments. It may not seem like a lot of money, but over time, or if you cancel several agreements, it will be large sums that you can spend on other bills, or something more fun, adds the consumer economist.

Free usage (100 GB +)

Nettavisen has used Nkom’s only fully open comparison service for mobile subscriptions from Technique To find the cheapest subscriptions in four usage categories, plus the cheapest alternative from the two big mobile giants Telia and Telenor.

  • Chili-free data norm – 349/month. (Telia) * 20 Mbps speed
  • PlussMobil Free Data Base – 379 / month. (Telenor) * 15 Mbps speed
  • HappyBytes FriData+ – 398 / month. (Telenor) * Free Speed
  • The cheapest behemoth: Telia X Normal at 499/month. * 20 Mbps speed (10% discount with a one-year contract)

The vast majority of subscriptions marketed as “free data” often have limitations in other ways to limit overuse. The most common is that the speed is limited to around 3Mbit when you have about 100GB in a month.

In addition, it is very common for you to have to pay extra to get the highest download speeds.

a lot (30 GB)

  • Happybytes 1 per day – 248/month. (Telenor) * The limit is 1 GB per day
  • Happy Bites 30 GB – 298 / month. (telenor)
  • Chile 30 GB – 299 / month. (tilia)
  • The cheapest giant: Telia X Normal – 499 / month. * FREE USE ** 10% discount with a one-year commitment

By limiting 30 GB, you can save 50-100 NOK per month. The cheapest price comparison subscription is Happybyte’s unique “1 per day” subscription, which means you get a load of data Per dayNot for a full month. In the case of uneven use, this is a defect.

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But Happybytes still has the cheapest regular 30GB plan.

note! Telenor and Telia roll customers over to 15 and 20 GB free usage subscriptions per month.

Medium (15 GB)

  • Happybytes 1 per day – 248/month. (Telenor) * The limit is 1 GB per day
  • Chili 15 GB – 249 / month. (tilia)
  • NiceMobil 15 GB – 250 / month. (ice)
  • The cheapest giant: Telia 15 GB – 429 / month. (10 percent off a one-year commitment)

Again, it’s Happybytes’ private subscription that comes in the cheapest, theoretically double the amount of data for the second place on the list. On the other hand, the price difference from regular monthly subscriptions with Data Renewal is minimal.

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Mini (1 GB)

  • NiceMobil 1 GB – 95 / month. (ice)
  • Fordcraft 1 GB – 119 / month. (telenor)
  • PlussMobil 1 GB – 119 / month. (telenor)
  • The cheapest giant: Telia 3 GB – 269 / month. (10 percent off a one-year commitment)

If you only exceptionally need to use mobile data, the price of the cheapest subscription with Telia and Telenor is almost three times higher than with the cheapest operator.

Here are the money traps you should avoid

Large price differences for additional data

When choosing a mobile subscription, it is important to buy one that has a sufficient amount of data included, because the price of exceeding the monthly amount is very high in many cases.

There are apparently big differences in prices between subscriptions that have the same price.

Telenor, for example, works with Three different price lists For data packages depending on the subscription you have. Happybytes charges NOK 19 per GB. Chili sells 1, 3, and 5GB data packages, with the cheapest option going for NOK 98.

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Consumer Council: Avoid subscriptions that include the telephone

Many choose to purchase a cell phone at a subsidized rate, rather than committing to a cell phone subscription. The Consumer Council strongly criticizes:

– This agreement rarely bears fruit. The Consumer Council warns on its website that the total price will be higher than if you had bought the mobile phone at full price and opted for a cheaper subscription.

– If you have purchased a supported mobile phone, you will normally have a twelve-month lock-in period on signing up as a private customer. After that, you can choose a cheaper subscription. You should think about it if the operator offers you a “discount” of two hundred SEK for a new twelve-month lock-in period on your subscription.

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