Mobile phone: – Maria Ingrid (17 years old) was about to charge her mobile phone

Mobile phone: - Maria Ingrid (17 years old) was about to charge her mobile phone

17-year-old Maria Ingrid Beatriz da Silva met a tragic end when she was going to use her mobile phone.

The little girl charged her phone while standing in the bathroom, Newsflash reported.

The incident occurred at the grandmother’s house in Bodo, in northeastern Brazil, on November 19 this year.

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Cousin Maria Sozzani says Maria Ingrid came out of the shower, got dressed and picked up the phone.

Then the mobile phone must still be connected to the charger in the wall.

– Her aunt entered the bedroom and found her. She said she collapsed with her mobile phone on her chest.

She told local media that her aunt took out the charger:

– When I pulled the rope, it began to sparkle, says Maria Sozzani.

The 17-year-old was taken to a local health center, but was soon transferred to a larger hospital in Cerro Cura where she was later pronounced dead.

Death from electric shock

Forensic doctors said that the young man died from an electric shock.

The body was released to the family on November 20, and the 17-year-old was buried the same day.

A video warning against using your mobile phone while charging went viral earlier this year. It is not true that using a mobile phone while charging carries a higher risk of electric shock, the fact-checking site writes. Parasitical.

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The site cites a number of news stories where people have been electrocuted or burned after using a phone while charging.

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Despite this, using the phone while charging is not dangerous. However, the quality of the battery or charger may pose a small risk. The production standard can vary from country to country, so you shouldn’t assume that all cell phones are made the same way, they write.

biggest risk

Eric Yeatman, from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London, explained to AFP (AFP) how these chargers work.

It’s possible, he says, for small amounts of energy to pass from the socket to the person using the phone — but that level is usually harmless.

– If you have a cheap copy charger, the leakage is likely to be higher. However, it won’t hurt you, as long as it doesn’t fail completely. If this happens, you could get a serious electric shock.

The biggest danger with cheap chargers, Yeatman says, is that they fail and catch fire.

Costas Constantino, professor of electrodynamics at the University of Birmingham, told Snopes that the only theoretical risk is if the battery pack on the cellphone is damaged, which could lead to a fire hazard.

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