Moose jumps over a fence and dies – V.G

Moose jumps over a fence and dies - V.G
Death: Here, Siri Lekven Östmark and Magnus Lynam of the police in Elverum help remove moose from the town centre. The moose was 1.5 years old and weighed between 200 and 250 kg.

This moose wandered into the center of Elveroom and panicked because of all the impressions. As it tried to enter the forest, it jumped a fence and fell three meters to its death.

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This is what Isak Halvorsen, manager of Fallwild Group in Elverum, tells VG.

– I was called by the police as we are the ones dealing with wildlife accidents in the municipality. A dead moose was found, so I went to collect it, Halvorson continues.

Elverum police received a tip Friday morning about a dead moose in front of a downtown garage door. EasternerHe was the first to mention the case.

– Behind the fence where the moose jumped, there was a drive to a garage. It is about three meters down. Halvorson says the moose fell on its head and broke its neck, so it died instantly.

The head of the Fallviltgruppa says that the moose in question was 1.5 years old and had a live weight of 200 to 250 kg.

However, he says Friday’s incident was extremely rare.

– The municipality has 200 wildlife accidents per year, primarily on roads. Fortunately, this is the exception. In the center are deer, foxes and badgers, which are very common. When an elk moves into a city center, we usually turn it back into the wild.

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