More like Bjørn – Dagsavisen

More like Bjørn - Dagsavisen

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched “Star Wars” – the song show on NRK with celebrities who aren’t really famous – but regardless: hear me out.


Tomrefjord’s shy singer came, against all odds, to the final last weekend.

Week after week, he walked out of celebrity after celebrity c. Not because he smiled so hard and waved his arms, or because he performed songs people had heard before. There were no flamethrowers here. He even sang a cappella on the NRK mega stage. And we, the same audience that loves raucous entertainment and gorgeous mascara-style outfits, fell in love.

Bear. During the broadcast, people just called him. Not with titles, like eventual contender Alexandra Rutan, who sings technically perfect and has “branded” in every joint – with strobe lights and ball gowns.

Do you know why?

Yes, we call him Bjorn because we feel he is one of us. With his one-word clips in response when the host asks what it’s like to sing live (Jo. Bra), Their Risky Song Choices (Whitney Houston, but on guitar of the box – in the final!) a complete lack of need for attention and praise)He Thinks It’s Great To Get More People To The Concert, But He Didn’t Know What Star Wars Is When He Signed Up). But most of all, we love Bjorn Tommerin because he’s real.

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Real has become a rare commodity in our society.

Not only on TV.

We live in a world where people find love in one app, search for the same app and download it again. We sit on our phones on the bus, in our own world, and when a stranger greets us on the street, we assume they’re a little cow.

Young people sign up for Paradise Hotel and Farmen because they want to become celebrities, and some prominent psychologists in Norway speak of the “market value” of people looking to find love. And now we’re waiting for my parents to develop a virtual world – so we won’t have to go out the door to meet each other at all. Your avatar can do that for you.

Stop the train, I want to get away.

We’re talking about being real, and doing our best. But until then, there is a point to come out of. Like when people take a break from Instagram by writing a long text about why they need to take a break from Instagram. Or influencers, who have to show that they are suffering too, but still have to stand up and get likes to do so.

We are simply too ribbed for authenticity, that even when Bjorn stood there with his messy soldering and guitar, we lost it. The World’s Least Commercial Man, South Won The World’s Most Commercial TV Show.

The Norwegian people chose the real over the ideal. for one time. This kind of thing threatens me.

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