Mosques, SØRVÅGEN | This year’s Walk of Light presents science fiction and fantasy: – We’ve built 30 facilities!

That’s says Annette Morrison, who leads the “Best e Moskines” initiative with Lilian Dijkima, Engon Rasmussen and Kristen Arntzen, who is behind the light walk taking place on Saturday evening.

She explains that the main objective is to create an event that people can look forward to, which will create a sense of community in the municipality.

We want light walking to be a small part of it. You have a few moments throughout the year when different things happen that you can look forward to and look forward to. It doesn’t cost anything to take part in a light walk. You can tip if you like, but it’s free for everyone. Regardless of whether you are young, old, speak the language or not, light walking is for everyone. It is simply about creating well-being in the municipality. It is needed, Morrison asserts.

Harry Potter and Star Trek

It also suggests that now that darkness is around the corner, there is something positive about “light and magic” that you can consider later.

– What makes it so charming is that it is completely dark around us while walking on the light. So everything made of light and sound is greatly amplified and feels great. We think that’s pretty cool, she says, and adds that this is the sixth year they’ve called for a light picnic.

The event had its own theme each year. Last year was “You’re a Big World”, as the organizer wanted to take the world home when it was limited where you can travel due to Corona restrictions. This year’s theme is science fiction and fantasy, and Morrison says they’ve prepared as many as 30 facilities along the 2.3-kilometer route.

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– Here there will be combinations inspired by Harry Potter and Star Trek, as well as other things within the genre. It will be a new experience for every 300 meters you walk. Last year we had a visit from a DJ from Tromso who thought this was great. wanted to contribute. That’s why two pieces from Tromso come to play the music. We also hope that people will wear clothes. It could be anything from aliens to UFOs, or as simple as a string of lights around an object, smiling.

No restrictions and great weather

Last year, more than 1,000 people took part in the light walk, Morrison says, noting that nearly 960 people live in the municipality.

– That says something about caring about everything. The camp site was full of people who came from Harstad and Svolvaer. Last year, we divided the audience into groups, as there were restrictions regarding the Corona epidemic. This year we can organize without restrictions. It will be very good. It also looks like the weather will be great this year, she concluded happily.

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