Here, Braut is ahead of most stars

Here, Braut is ahead of most stars

Speed, power, shooting, finishing skills, timing and the unique ability to position where the ball ends.

The list of qualities that make Erling Braut Haaland one of the best strikers in the world, as long as they are impressive.

But there are also other amazing things about the Norwegian: as a striker who is constantly looking for space in the back and shoulders the shoulders of defenders, it is very rare for the Manchester City striker to wave offside.

Physical exclusivity: But that is only part of what makes Braut Haaland so special. Photo: CRAIG BROUGH

In the narrowest layer ever

Football researcher and professor at the Norwegian Sports Academy, Geir Gordet, wondered about just that.

A deep dive into the stats from Opta confirmed the suspicion that Haaland is also among the best in the class in the field.

Football Researcher: Jer Gordet.  Photo: National Institutes of Health

Football Researcher: Jer Gordet. Photo: National Institutes of Health

Haaland slips 0.4 times per game on average if you look at all the matches he’s played. He’s low, and given that he lives on the offside streak more than any other striker in the world, I think it’s special, says Jordet.

Compared to other offensive star names, Haaland comes out well:

* Robert Lewandowski: 0.7 hacks per game

* Cristiano Ronaldo: 1.0 offsides per match

* Harry Kane: 0.6 offsides per game

* Mohamed Salah: 0.5 offside per match

* Gabriel Jesus: 0.6 offsides per game

* Kylian Mbappe: 0.8 offsides per match

* Sadio Mane: 0.7 offsides per match

*Karim Benzema: 0.8 offsides per match

*Jamie Vardy: 0.9 offsides per match

* Dusan Vlahovic: 0.7 offsides per match

* Unmoved Cirro: 1.0 offsides per match

Does this mean that Haaland has the lowest number of offsides?

– No, it is not the lowest. I found one lower, Danny Welbeck at 0.2. Then some other players at the same level as Haaland, at 0.4 passes per game: Raheem Sterling, Lionel Messi and Marcus Rashford. Not Gordet says, but everyone is above this.

Good times too: Marcus Rashford is among the best at running in the back, and rarely slips.  Pictured: Martin Rickett

Good times too: Marcus Rashford is among the best at running in the back, and rarely slips. Pictured: Martin Rickett

– Skill

Haaland himself has explained some of the reasons why he rarely runs away.

I’ve been familiar with this for most of my career. My dad and I discussed it a lot, and when VAR was introduced it was just an advantage for me. He told Manchester City, because the truth is I’ve never offside website this summer.

This season, Haaland is currently below his career average, because at Manchester City, the number of offsides per game is currently 0.3.

For Mohamed Salah, who had a difficult start to the season, the offside number for the 22/23 season is currently 1.2.

I see it as a skill, as a result of being adept at recording what is happening around you, and the position of defenders in relation to themselves. The football researcher says it’s all about perception and scanning.

Jordet doesn’t ignore the fact that practicing heavy flags and VAR technology means there are fewer hacks now than in the past.

– Perhaps young players will benefit from this, because a greater percentage of Haaland’s career, for example, that of Ronaldo, was played with heavy flags. He says such things could be to Haaland’s favour.

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