MTV EMA winner Sigrid (26) has confirmed she’s single — VG

MTV EMA winner Sigrid (26) has confirmed she's single — VG
Group chat: The band and crew were the first to know that Sigrid won the MTV EMA for “Best Northern Act,” before sharing the news with her family in a group chat.

Pop star Sigrid, 26, recently won an MTV audience award. Now the artist confirms that she is single after separating this summer.


Ålesund artist Sigrid Solbakk Raabe won the MTV EMA for Best Northern Act this past weekend. The audience award given to the name of the northern artist gets the most votes from the listeners.

It beat rivals Kygo, Swedish House Mafia, Danish Mø and Tove Li, and emerged as the best player in the north.

– That’s really cool, isn’t it! It’s nice to win, and in such good company too. She told VG that they were all she looked at.

She hasn’t heard anything from the other nominees yet, but maintains that she knows all of them, except for the Swedish House Mafia, well, and thinks they’re great.

Thanks to the fans

Rabi says she primarily thanks her fans for the award. She calls it “very good teamwork”.

– Actually, this is only thanks to my fans. After all, only the public vote decides this award. They keep going, and that’s as much their price as mine.

How do you distinguish your fans from others?

The common denominator I’ve heard on tour is that people say, “Oh my God, what a good fan you are.” People say they are nice, polite, caring and warm people. There is a good atmosphere, and I feel that too. The fans are a big reason I feel safe on stage. “I love having a little cozy vibe like this,” says the singer.

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Raby learns that many of the cheerleaders know each other well.

Audience: Sigrid Solbakk Raabe played in Amfiet during the 2019 Island Festival in Tøyenparken. Photo: Claudia Lech, VG

– It’s become a little community around all the fan accounts, and there are Discord groups where we have listening parties.

Recently, she did a session on Discord, showing off Oslo to her followers. She recorded scenes from various locations around the capital for the latest acoustic remake of her recently released “How to let go” record.

– I’m on Discord groups and following, but I’m always told I need more.

Single since summer

Sigrid says the new record, “How To Let Go,” is about letting things go.

She describes the daily life she goes through as stressful and fast-paced.

– The title of the album is more of a question about how I’m going to let things go. I’m generally a little nervous, and things are moving at a fast pace.

– I’m also happy to be in control and know what’s going on. It can be hard when things go so wrong. There is a lot of stress and pressure you put on yourself.

The songs are about love and other relationships, according to Sigrid.

– the classic stuff that happens when you’re in your mid-twenties. Songs about things you want to let go of. Stupid things you’ve said to yourself, or things other people have said to you.

Speaking of love songs, you recently went through a breakup, right?

– Looks like I recently went through a love breakup. yes I am single. That’s really what I want to say about her.

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Sigrid also previously confirmed the marital status of TV2.

At Christmas last year, Sigrid could say that The most expensive Christmas gift she ever received was from her ex-husband. In June it finally happened It ends between her and Nikolai Shermer.

Irish pub party

The next plan for the Norwegian artist is to finish the tour in Great Britain. She dreads it herself, calling life touring the best thing that ever happened to her.

It’s a shame the tour is almost over. I think touring is very interesting. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. I love him. I travel with these nice people and they have so much fun together.

She reveals she’s going to blow it all off with three intimate pub gigs in Ireland.

– I was the one who called the reservation and asked if we could do it, because I think it’s very good to play loud, says Raab.

After that, she is set to go home and celebrate Christmas in her hometown of Ålesund. She revealed that she will be doing promotional work before relaxing on the ski slopes, but the singer is very secretive about the details.

– In December, I’m going to do a promotional work on some British things, about which I can’t say much. So I have to make new music soon. But first I’ll take a vacation, Sigrid says, go home to Ålesund and do some skiing and relax.

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