Murder at Braskereidfoss: Death from stab wounds

Murder at Braskereidfoss: Death from stab wounds

Murder: A 50-year-old woman has pleaded guilty to the murder of Keir-Arne Lerwick. Photo: Mattis Sandblad / VG

A preliminary autopsy report after the killing at Braskereidfoss showed that Keir-Arne Lervik (55) died of stab wounds.

The post-mortem report also confirmed that the knife was used.

– Police have recovered the knife, police prosecutor Vibek Stolp Ekland said in a press release.

They won't reveal the motive behind the murder.

Geir-Arne Lervik (55) was general manager at Støa Camping at Braskereidfoss in Innlandet.

– On behalf of himself and the deceased's immediate family, the deceased's partner would like to thank them for the support they have received in recent days. What happened is completely incomprehensible and the past few days have been unreal, Øyvind Borg, the family's legal aid lawyer, told VG on Wednesday.

He was murdered in bed on Sunday night.

A woman was soon arrested and charged with murder.

– She is very hurt and sorry for what happened, Frod Abak, the girl's guardian, told VG.

Lervik was active in Innlandet Frp.

– He will be missed by us in the party, he was a positive and pleasant person. Keir-Arne stepped up until he had the chance, Anne Britt Myhrwaldt at Inland FRP told VG earlier.

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