Musk’s moves on Twitter are causing problems for users

Musk’s moves on Twitter are causing problems for users

Many struggle to gain access after the service limited the number of messages users could read.

Once again, people are starting to get confused about Twitter’s owner’s move for the service.

Several thousand users are said to have problems accessing the social media Twitter.

According to the news agency AP In the event of more than 7,500 reports of service problems at one time. The hashtag #TwitterDown should also be trending in several places in the world.

The problems arose after Twitter owner Elon Musk announced on Twitter on Saturday that a limit would be placed on the number of messages users could read per day.

according to NPR If users experience problems with both the app and the website. People must have experienced both viewing, searching, updating and posting on the platform.

The messages users encountered were “rate limit exceeded” or “tweets cannot be retrieved”.

Maximum 500 messages

Musk’s move means verified accounts, which cost money, can see 6,000 messages per day. Unverified free accounts can see 600 messages, while newly created free accounts are limited to 300 messages per day.

He later announced that there would now be 10,000, 1,000 and 500 messages.

According to Musk, the measure should be temporary to limit widespread data collection.

On Friday, Twitter announced that you must be logged in with a user to read messages.

Musk has previously expressed his displeasure with AI companies such as OpenAI by claiming that they use data from Twitter to train the ChatGPT AI tool.

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