– My skull loves to shine – VG

- My skull loves to shine - VG
Artist: Willow Smith, here at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles in March of this year.

Willow Smith, 21, was just 11 years old the first time she had her hair completely shaved. Added flavour.


Shaving my head is probably the most extreme thing I’ve done in the name of beauty, says the 21-year-old in an interview with Brit joy.

Willow’s first “whipping” was in 2012, two years after releasing her debut single “Whip My Hair”. Since then, she’s repeated it several times, including on stage last summer during a concert – and the year before as part of an art project.

The first time was “a perfect way to be a rebel”. Since then it has been all about freedom, doing whatever you want.

As a black woman, there were many aspects to my relationship with my hair and skin color when I was growing up, Willow says.

Siblings: Willow Smith and her brother Trey Smith are on their way to this year’s Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

At the moment, the length of the head hair is a few millimeters.

– I like that my skull shines a little – it lights up.

The 21-year-old explains that she doesn’t think much before she does things.

I like the freedom in it. Just being me is drastic sometimes.

But she trusts that finding your style and security has been a “learning curve”.

– I had to look at other beautiful black women who lived according to their own convictions, and did not let society oppress them.

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2019: Willow Smith at the 2019 Los Angeles premiere of the movie.

Willow is the daughter of Hollywood stars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

When Will Smith causes a scandal A salute to Oscar winner Chris Rock During this year’s Oscars, it was because of rockstar banter Jada’s head shaved.

However, the episode is not the subject of the magazine’s interview with Willow.

Unlike her daughter, Jada suffers from an autoimmune disorder Alopecia areatathat causes hair loss. When she chose Jada last summer to shave the whole headIt was at Willow’s insistence.

The daughter convinced Jada that “the ball is beautiful.”

«Willow made me do it, because it was time to let him go. But – my fifties are about to get divine light with this movement’,” Jada wrote on Instagram at the time.

Celebrity Family: Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, Will Smith, Jaden Smith and Trey Smith at this year’s Academy Awards.

Willow Smith posted a photo of the Glamor issue on Instagram, where it was on the cover:

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