Natalia Nebrazheva is scared: – – The Norwegians came to the hotel and threatened us

Natalia Nebrazheva is scared: - - The Norwegians came to the hotel and threatened us

Natalia Nebrazheva is this season’s overall World Cup winner in women’s cross country, despite Russia being kicked out of the World Cup final on snow in Norway and Sweden, with Russia’s invasion and war against Ukraine Like a dark background.

Nebragieva and the Russian cross-country team arrived in Norway hoping to compete in Holmenkolen last weekend, but in the end the FIS decided they would not allow the Russian or Belarusian runners to start the upcoming FIS race.

This happened, among other things, at the request of the Norwegian Ski Association and several Norwegian cross-country profiles.

– scary

Nebrajeva now explains what it felt like back in the days when Russians lived in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Fornebu, before coming to terms with returning home to Russia without being allowed to compete in Norway.

– When we were in Norway, the Norwegians came to our hotel and threatened us. It was really scary . Natalia Nebragieva told the Russian newspaper Sport Express.

Eric Rosti, president of the Norwegian Ski Federation and Norway’s representative on the FIS board of directors, does not think so.

– Sad to hear. Eric Rosti tells Dagbladet that threats, regardless of whether they are at a sporting event or in other contexts, are unacceptable and something we vehemently steer clear of.

Live in Fornebu: The Russian national team lived across the country in Fornebu before the World Cup races in Holmenkollen which they were never allowed to go to. It was an unpleasant experience, according to Natalia Nebrazheva. Photo: Annika Birdy / NTB
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– angry and aggressive

The reason why the Norwegian Ski Federation wanted to avoid Russia from participating in the World Cup races in Norwegian snow was because Russia’s violation of international law and its attacks on the Ukrainian people demand international condemnation and sanctions.While the FIS justified the decision to ban the participation of the Russians “To ensure the safety of all practitioners.”

It is precisely the controversial logic of the FIS that the Russians are now revolving around.

Even if we were allowed to compete in Holmenkollen, none of us would take that risk. In Drammen there is a fast urban race, and in Holmenkollen there are a lot of active fans along the entire track. Full fans! Nebrajiva says The inference is also:

– Most Holmenkollen spectators behave normally, but if he does not, the consequences can be very unpleasant. We’ve really met angry and aggressive people, the 26-year-old claims.

Nebrajiva adds that she also had “unpleasant experiences” over the World Cup weekend in Lahti, Finland.

unanswered: Alexander Bolshunov did not respond to the Dagbladet correspondent about the expulsion of the FIS. Reporter: Stian With. Video: Signe Elise Stenersen
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– pure guesswork

When Dagbladet passes Neprjajeva’s remarks to Stefan Marx, general manager of the Holmenkollen Ski Festival, he answers:

– What would have happened if Russian athletes were allowed to run at Holmenkollen is just speculation. Marks told Dagbladet that the Norwegian Ski Association and FIS have decided they are not allowed to run, and we have clearly expressed our support for that decision.

Then the Russians flew from Oslo to Kirkenes, before crossing the border by bus to Murmansk, where they flew to Moscow.

In Kirkenes, the Russians had no problems meeting the Norwegians, according to Alexander Bolshunov Controversial Coach Yuri Borodavko.

– In Kirkenes there were no provocations from the Norwegians. We got some wary looks, but nothing more. There were no gestures or shouts. We cannot say that we were treated with hostility there . Borodavko tells the Russian channel TV match.

– But the butter trailer in Holmenkollen was so Drawn by vandalsso our service staff had to spend several hours getting rid of them, he adds.

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