June 10, 2023


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New portrait of Count Henrik

Thursday, May 4th is no ordinary day for the Danish people. Count Henrik is 14 years old.

In keeping with tradition, the royal family is marking the day by sharing a new photo of the 14-year-old.

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– The big event

The photo was shared on behalf of his parents, Prince Joachim, 53, and Princess Marie, 47, the latter being the photographer behind the photo.

In just two weeks, the Count will celebrate another big day. Henrik will be confirmed on May 18th.

Confirmation is always a big event, but this particular affirmation also attracts attention for another reason. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are breaking a tradition that stretches back more than a hundred years.

When King Charles is crowned king, this is the pie the Brits will eat. And this is how you make King Charles Coronation Pie. Reporter: Ken Walsh. Video: Thea Hope
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According to Se og Hør’s royal house expert, the 14-year-old wasn’t overly demanding in terms of birthday wishes.

Hobby surprises

Hobby surprises

Hurray for Count Henrik! These are exciting times for a 14-year-old. In just two weeks, it will be celebrated again. Then confirmation is on the way and, to the great surprise of many, it will take place in Paris. But despite the fact that it is a big anniversary, the young count has no big wishes for this day. He actually said he couldn’t think of anything he wanted, when asked by the Danish press!

Crown Prince Haakon cycled from Skogum to the castle. Once there, with a helmet on his head, he meets the press in the audience. Video: NTB
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in the motherland

When Henrik’s identity is confirmed in Frederikskirken on May 18, it will be the first time that the descendants of Queen Margrethe (82) have not been confirmed at Fredensborg Castle Church in Denmark.

Share a new photo

Share a new photo

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie currently reside in Paris with their three children. However, it wasn’t long before the family ended up moving. During the summer, they turn their noses toward the United States.

According to Vagle, Henrik’s big day is celebrated in his home country.

Henrik lives in Paris with his parents and little sister. But yesterday, the day before his birthday, they were all, on a rare occasion, on official business in Denmark.

Last year it became known that Henrik and his brothers had lost their titles of Prince and Princess. The 14-year-old is number nine in the line of succession to the Danish throne.

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