Police called on suspicion of kidnapping

Police called on suspicion of kidnapping

In the new season of The second TV series “Traitor” It wasn’t long before Margaret Rhode ended up in deep water.

– I was going to try to be vague and not say much, but I couldn’t. Because an idea I came up with with these wonderful, wonderful people – and then the chatter began. My mouth was working against my mind. She spoke, so to speak, laughing.

Fellow and friend NRK Super, Matias Alergria (27), watches in dismay as Røed’s bungling tactics unfold inside Kongsvinger Castle.

Friends and colleagues: Margrethe Røed and Matias Alegria have moved together to Kongsvinger Castle. Picture: Heidi Marie Joberode/TV 2

– It was very disappointing to see Margaret standing there chatting and chatting. He attracted a lot of attention to her, and you wanted to be with me for a long time, right? Then I just thought: “Uh, Margaret is going to quit early,” he told TV 2.

The prolific Røed simply could not contain his strong commitment to the game.

– I really wanted to be good there. You’re starting to see clues about who the traitors could be, and then you want to share them right away. To be a better detective, sort of. But that is not what it is supposed to be. You have to be calm and keep what you believe to yourself, but it’s very hard. I promise you! I tried and tried, but it just didn’t work for me, she admits.

Crisis maximization tool

Røed says it’s typical for her to share out loud, and that she also likes to read great dramas about her everyday situations.

– I am greater than the crisis more and more often. It usually starts with an inner feeling that something is going on.

Once Røed was working at NRK, she saw a child enter a small room outside Marienlyst with a man. Then the gut feeling hit in full force.

– They stayed in that box for a very long time. Then the guy just walked out again. Then I said, “This is very strange.” Then more and more people entered the little box – and no one came out again. Then I thought: “Oh, here he is, someone has kidnapped someone. It’s not good!”

Champions: Margrethe Røed and Matias Alegria are great heroes for children of all ages with NRK Super.  Photo: Geir Evensen/NRK

Champions: Margrethe Røed and Matias Alegria are great heroes for children of all ages with NRK Super. Photo: Geir Evensen/NRK

Rudd contacted the NRK’s ​​security guard, and enlisted the help of several colleagues to clear up the troubling situation.

– Suddenly I talk to a lot of people and get them to join me. We are ready to storm in and say, “Now we’re calling the police.” On the way down, someone says, “Where’s that box? You mean the one built over there? It’s slid in the parking lot.” And I just: “Oh? Is that?”. So there was only one staircase down to the parking lot. After all, no one was locked in the little room.

On another occasion, Roid thought she heard a suspicious bang from the trunk of a car.

– Then I thought it was someone who had been kidnapped and locked in the trunk. I brought the police with me to check the car. There was no one in that box, so to speak.

The children’s television legend says that she also brought in a large portion of the population of a village in Thailand to investigate a house where she believed a break-in had occurred. But then it turned out that there were only two palm trees that were slamming against each other in the wind.

– So I can drive fast, but then I have a better half who tends to drag me to the ground. But my gut feeling was also strong, so I also got to help people when I saw people weren’t feeling well, just to say so, she says and smiles.

NB! The rest of the article contains information revealing the outcome of the second round in the “traitor” game. Read no further if you want to keep the suspense going.

HØYLYTT: Margrethe Røed hasn't been able to hold back from talking or getting involved in

HØYLYTT: Margrethe Røed hasn’t been able to hold back from talking or getting involved in “Forræder”. Picture: Heidi Marie Joberode/TV 2

– He ate me all

Røed’s tumultuous involvement inside Kongsvinger Castle meant that the three traitors decided to get out of the game early.

– You’ve been slaughtered at night. I felt sharp. By then I was pretty well into the game and had a few suspects. Then I got a message that said, “You were murdered last night.” Not being able to continue the game felt impossible.

Thus, the NRK profile had to return to Oslo only a day later. But even though she was out of the game, the game wasn’t out of her mind.

– There was a lot of grinding at the top, so the game went on in my head. Those I suspected were suddenly vindicated. So when I got home, new suspects started popping up in my head. It’s weird being in the house and trying to figure out the situations that were going on there – without me being in the game.

Disclaimer: Matias Alegria was upset that McGrethy Rudd talked so much in his

Disclaimer: Matias Alegria was upset that McGrethy Rudd spoke so much in “Forræder”. Photo: Astrid Hexeberg/TV 2

In your capacity to amplify the crisis, would you perhaps have benefited from not being more involved in the game?

– If I’d been around longer, I’d probably have suffered a lot more, yeah. I noticed how much I started to work. I think he finally ate me.

When TV 2 meets Røed and Alegria at the press conference for “Forræder”, they say they would have liked to share more of the experience together.

We want to try again. We’ve thought and talked a lot about it. Can’t they cast a season with those who reach no further than everyone else? It would have been good, Rod and Alegria say.

You can only watch “Traitor” on TV 2 Play. Each of the two episodes airs on Fridays at 03:00.

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