News, Economy | Norges Bank report: This is bad news for your salary

News, Economy |  Norges Bank report: This is bad news for your salary

(electronic newspaper) On Thursday, Norges Bank officially released its new numbers from Regionalt Nettverk, which were previously partially leaked.

It shows that Norwegian companies believe that next year will be a difficult year.

Companies in Norges Bank’s regional network expect overall activity to remain unchanged in the fourth quarter, then decline at the beginning of next year. At the same time, there are significant differences between industries. Oil suppliers expect a clear recovery, while construction companies expect a significant decline in activity. Companies reported more available capacity and fewer staffing problems. Overall, they expect annual wage growth of 5.4 percent this year and 4.5 percent next year, they wrote in a news release.

They expect annual wage growth to end at 5.4 percent this year and decline to 4.5 percent next year. Bank of Norway.

Companies expect activity to decline in the new year, but there are significant differences between industries. Oil suppliers expect a significant rebound in activity, while construction companies expect a decline.

We believe in a decline in employment

There has long been talk about capacity problems in Norwegian companies. This no longer seems to be a problem.

– The proportion of companies with capacity problems has decreased in most industries, and obtaining labor has become a little easier than usual. Meanwhile, hiring plans for the fourth quarter were revised down from the previous round. Companies now expect fairly stable hiring in the fourth quarter, and a slight decline at the start of next year, Norges Bank wrote.

Numbers accidentally dropped

The figures provided are now the bottom line, after Norges Bank recently released parts of the figures by accident.

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Chief Economist Kirsty Hoogland at DNB Markets confirms that they sent out a warning, when Norges Bank’s regional network quarterly figures were published in error.

-We found this out by accident. It is a number we use often in our lectures, and the number for Norges Bank does not correspond to the number we use ourselves. So we wondered if something was wrong, Hoagland says E24.

On 28 November, Norges Bank published the published quarterly figures for Norges Bank’s regional network which had been published in error. These numbers were originally supposed to arrive today, December 7th.

– I think it is a very unfortunate mistake. Maybe it’s just a leakage of the interest rate decision or interest rate path that could have been more unfortunate, says chief economist.

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